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  1. Really? I feel like some schools might. I've had a few friends that were asked this so I just want to be prepared
  2. Hello everyone! I wanted some advise from you guys about how I should explain a low GRE score. I have interviews coming up and I know they're going to ask me why my GRE score is so low. My score was a 290 ?. I've had a few friends that got asked this question at a few schools, but their score was much higher than mine. Any advise??
  3. So I just spoke with someone from UT and she said that we should've gotten an email saying we didn't have to do the background check unless you get an interview invitation. I told her I already spent $99 for this and I never got this email. And she said "I understand, but for now don't worry about doing the background check requirements until you get an interview invitation." ?
  4. Follow this link: https://gre.magoosh.com/invite/5F7JDH to get $10 off Magoosh GRE prep when you sign up! It's automatically discounted when you check out, but only if you follow this link! Magoosh really helped me get the score I needed for PA school and I wanted to share this with website to all my Pre-PA friends! Hope this works for you!
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