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  1. Question-- So, employer doesn't pay for UTD but I have a friend who has it and doesn't use it. My question is- can you use someone's UTD subscription and still log your own CME credit? Or does the account have to be in your name? I'm curious because I know using employers/hospitals UTD works fine, but what about another individuals? I don't see a point in buying one if I can use my friends. Thanks for responses.
  2. Anyone on here actually worked in retail medicine like a CVS minuteclinic? Would love some input. Interview pending with them.
  3. Hey guys-- update. I received my first offer in the area and field I want but the offer was kind of a slap in the face. Solo peds practice here offered 75k base salary with less than stellar benefits. Actually no benefits but rather a small stipend to go towards my own insurance monthly. 10 days PTO plus 7 holidays. Malpractice paid. The doc said when they hired the current NP albeit five years ago, she started at 68k. I was SHOCKED. Super disappointing ?. He had a gorgeous clinic... Tvs in every kids exam room. Smh.
  4. I, too, have recently received a low offer. Similar to you I was offered 75k, 10 days PTO, holidays, no weekends, no call. Peds private practice. They also don't offer benefits directly but rather offer a stipend monthly to go towards my own insurance.m? Malpractice is paid and it's close to home. I agree that 85k would be where I drew the line. He began to offer productivity bonus after I seemed less than thrilled with the offer. This is my first offer and negotiating is new to me. However I KNOW that we are worth more than 75k, new grad or not. It really sucks when the field you want low bal
  5. @SNA3189It really depends where in NC! I don't want to deter your from coming back here, I love living in NC. Just giving my experience as a new grad the past couple of months. I would suggest looking EARLY before graduating, don't want until passing the PANCE like I did. I underestimated how long and difficult it would be to find a job here. It all depends on what field you're into and whether you're flexible. I'm telling you, there's a TON of psych position open if that's your thing ?
  6. It's extremely difficult to get into the big hostpial systems aka unc and duke, without having done rotations there or graduating from their class. I spoke with a physician recruiter yesterday for unc and she straight up said it's a hard market with unc pa class graduating next month and everyone currrently interviewing for the open positions. I've known many people who had applied and even gotten thru the interview process at unc or duke to never hear back, it sucks. Like others, I assumed it wouldn't be terrible getting a job with all the hospitals here but it's just not the case. Wake fores
  7. @TheLastStone thanks for the response. Funny I am actually from Charlotte! I always planned to go back but my fiancee is doing a phd at UNC, so here I am. I really love the charlotte area. I want to move back in a few years once he is done with his degree. Seems like there's more opportunities there and no PA school I guess other than wingate nearby.
  8. @printer2100 6 months... ugh! I love the Asheville area. I've been heavily searching in the Raleigh/Durham triangle area going on about 2 months now. I never expected it to be this competitive in NC. Gotta love all our PA schools popping up.
  9. For family definitely get the AACE/ACE comprehensive type 2 diabtetes management alogarithm app. Also the ASCVD PLUS -- for 10yr ASCVD risk prevention. Super quick tool and helpful for initiating statins.
  10. Late to this post but I have seen positions currently available in my area of North Carolina for wound care. I'm sure you've already found something else since this post was almost a year ago.
  11. Hey all. Newly minted PA-C here looking to land my first job within primary care. Peds is out as there are no jobs within 100 miles of here, so I'm looking into family medicine. With Duke and UNC around the corner, competition is stiff. Anyone in this area have advice on getting in the door? Is it overly saturate right now? No connections here ?. Thoughts appreciated
  12. Hi fellow PAs! Wanted to know now if any of you guys have experience with finding jobs in NC out of school? The market appears heavily saturated here and without ties to the major hospital systems, my chances feel slim. I would love any input or experience from my NC city folks. ??
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