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  1. I really enjoyed Campbell on my interview day! Seemed like a strong program. Thank you!
  2. Had a similar debate with Duke and recommend speaking with graduates of the program (a few years out preferably) - can help get the rose colored glasses off and give you a good idea of what you’d be facing post grad in terms of loans but also in terms of connections (alumni network) and job placement. It’s also important to know that even established programs can have hiccups during clinical years, as preceptors retire/move on and the larger class sizes of many top-ranked PA programs means you’d probably have less flexibility in terms of where you rotate. You can’t go wrong, really - good luck!
  3. I received a similar vibe from the program, especially since lecturers come from UNC School of Medicine, UNC School of Pharmacy, and other highly ranked programs. One thing they seem to do differently is point-of-care ultrasound training. For example, you ultrasound cadavers during anatomy lab dissections. Strength of the program?
  4. Recent applicant accepted to multiple NC schools. Wondering if it is worthwhile to attend some of the private, high-ranked schools or if it makes more sense to favor in-state tuition, especially with sights set on primary care? Schools I applied to: Duke, Wake, Campbell, UNC, ECU Would appreciate insight into any of the above programs, and whether the private schools really do give you a leg up! Thank you!
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