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  1. Whats up guys! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Years!! I just had a few things I know would have been helpful for me last year, that I now know this year. Most of this is for those who were accepted to Augusta’s PA program. A huge congrats to you all!! For those of you who did not make it in this year, DO NOT and I truly mean, DO NOT give up! PA school is tough to get in to. Many of my classmates are second year applications and they are truly brilliant people! So many factors play into getting in, do not get discouraged, keep working on your resume and persist another year! For those of you who were accepted, if you are like I was last year, you’re probably wondering what is coming next from the university, and where communication will come from. My experience last year was the first official class email was sent in the middle of February. You will then slowly get emails throughout the spring to help prepare you for getting on campus. It will list things you need to do, buy, what classes to prepare for etc. You will also be assigned “a big”, which you probably heard about before and they are your contact! That will probably be March-ish time frame. Whatever questions, concerns etc you may have, that is what they are there for! They also will be able to give you tips on school, living situations, community etc. Hit me up if you have any questions, I know this last month or more and then this month is a weird down time in between the craziness, especially after a fall of checking your email every 5 minutes. But, enjoy the down time, do some fun stuff that you may not have time for when school starts like trips etc. School will be here before you know it! Happy New Year y'all!
  2. Yeah, my GPA was 3.8, GRE 307, and hours I had just over 1,500. I know that a few people in our class did not have a ton of hours, so patient care isn't everything. If you have lower hours, I would leverage the heart of why you want to be a PA. If you have an interview, you have what it takes on paper, but they want to see a dedication to the profession and the program, and see in you a purpose that will keep you going. I would also bring up even though/if you have limited hours, what truly drew you to the profession that you saw during those hours you do have. What experience in those hours made you say, PA is the route I want, hands down over anything else. Hope that helps!
  3. Whats up guys! I am also a student in the Class of 2020 and am more than happy to answer questions you may have about the school, city, or other! So, hit me up if you have questions and hopefully we can help you out in any way we can. Good Luck!!
  4. Received an invite for interview on November 20th! Excited to get this opportunity at such an elite school!
  5. Congrats! I have no idea how many are left, it sounded like only a few seats had been given out though. I believe this is their last interview session, but not 100% sure.
  6. I interviewed In October and have been accepted! Good luck to everyone else still waiting to interview or hear back! Wish you all the best!
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