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  1. This might be a bit more difficult to answer as things might change from year to year, but what is the typical breakdown of events from now till the first day of class? In other words, what should we be expecting to hear from the university as far as things we need to do or events we may have to attend before class starts
  2. Thank you so much! I've been looking for a place close to campus to move in, where would you recommend?
  3. I received the official acceptance letter! Make sure to check your clutter or junk mail, as, that's where mine was.
  4. I've stopped hoping to see if they send it lol there's only so much anxiousness one person can endure!. They'll more than likely send the official acceptances in late February.
  5. Does anybody also see "Incomplete items outstanding" in their application status? I've been accepted since November but seeing this worries me lol.
  6. Does anybody know if they give us iPads when we start the program? I've heard previous classes have received some but I was wondering if we would receive any.
  7. I haven't received one either. I'd imagine the bureaucracy behind the scenes is going to cause a delay in the processing time, especially considering the semester isn't over yet.
  8. Did you ever hear anything back? I sent my acceptance response but no reply.. I realize there is nothing for them to say back but some acknowledgement would put me at ease lol
  9. I received my acceptance letter!!!! Super excited! I was feeling a down in the dumps about not hearing back but keep your head high and stay POSITIVE, there are still spots. For reference, I interviewed on Nov 1st and received the letter yesterday around mid-day.
  10. I believe they are taking in a little over 80 students. So, there are plenty of spots!
  11. For those that got accepted already, I'm curious to know what your admission status is in Assist.
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