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  1. I interviewed on 10/14 and received an acceptance last week. Third time was a charm! I know the process is so tough and the wait can be so emotionally draining, but if this is your dream, don't EVER give up.
  2. @LMoncla13The interview was in the multiple mini interview format. Any disclosure beyond that would violate academic honesty policies. At least that's what they told us last year.
  3. Just wanted to update this thread. The school sent out an email last week to current applicants stating that the accreditation status of the school has changed. The status is now "Accreditation-Continued". ☺
  4. Also... is this how all PA schools do notifications for acceptance? Because DANG! It would be so much easier on us if they just sent all the acceptance letters out at the same time. This is so freaking stressful! Especially since this is the second time I've been through it and I haven't gotten an invitation to interview so far this time around. ??? Please excuse me while I go cry in a corner. ????
  5. @robanion .... I'm guessing you might be able to take a gander at an answer since you started a FB group... How many have contacted you so far to say they've been accepted and want to be added? Inquiring minds want to know. ?
  6. Does anyone know if invitations to interview are still going out? I turned in my application in September. Last year I did about the same time and was invited to interview within a week. This time.... been three weeks since I got my email that everything is complete and I haven't heard another word since. Also....for goodness' sake...can someone give me an idea of how many people have been accepted so far? I am really starting to freak out. ???
  7. Did you mean to say getting in the first time *is* the norm? I mean.... I'm sure many people do, but thread after thread seems to indicate that many people attempt to gain admission over multiple cycles. But what is REALLY disheartening is hearing the accounts of people who interview one year and get outright rejected the next. I think I'm just having a really down day today, too. I guess I'm not a fan of knowing that half the class is already filled and still having to wait for who knows how long. My stomach has been in knots since the dadgum interview. Trying to be patient, but it's tough!
  8. Y'all! The wait is killing me! I know it's a crazy obsessive question, but what time of day did you all get your acceptance emails? I'd think they'd send one batch at the end of each day. If that's the case, I figure I won't have to check my email every five minutes. ??? Joking.... kinda...
  9. I've been lurking for a while but finally signed up.... Am I understanding correctly that the only acceptances have come from the 10/2 interview? I interviewed on 10/16 and I've been obsessively checking here and my email to get an idea of what's going on. I'm trying to figure this out! Does it sound to anyone else like the admissions committee ranked people and put the most competitive applicants in the first interview? When I read about having 7 interviews and possibly 8 if they don't get who they want, it makes me wonder if that's the case. Anyone have any insight?
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