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  1. piperPAC18

    2018-2019 Cycle

    anyone think its too late to apply even though the deadline isn't till march?
  2. Detroit mercy is not a rolling admission school. they don't send anything out till end of january early February !
  3. Just received an interview for Dec 5th!!!
  4. just checked my portal for MCPHS and it says I am on the waitlist to interview! anyone else in the same boat???
  5. piperPAC18

    MICHIGAN: Concordia University Ann Arbor

    they have been added to CASPA!!
  6. piperPAC18

    Hardin-Simmons 2018-2019 Cycle

    How long after your application was verified did everyone receive a confirmation email from the school? I submitted on July 2nd and I have been verified and haven't received an email yet!!
  7. piperPAC18

    Dominican 2018-2019 Cycle

    Has anyone submitted recently and did not receive a confirmation email from them? I was verified on 6/23 and haven't received any email from them.
  8. Hi everyone! I plan on applying to the Manchester campus this cycle. I was hoping someone could give me some good points on why they picked the Manchester campus and what is unique to the Manchester area! I have never been there so I do not know much! feel free to private message me null
  9. piperPAC18

    2017-2018 applicants

    hey guys! does anyone know if the GRE is required for central? I can't find it anywhere on their site
  10. Hello! thank you so much for taking the time to give me feed back. First, I applied to some schools that required the GRE and some that did not. Most of the schools I applied to with the GRE, said that there was no minimum. But I plan to retake the GRE this summer. Second, I am not contracted for my job I just switched jobs a bit. I started out in a nursing home after I got certified to get experience before moving to the hospital setting. I worked at the nursing home for a year then got my hospital job in the vent dependent unit. I worked in the vent unit for around a year then started to pick up shifts in the ICU at the same hospital and a few months later they offered me a permanent position in their unit and I left the vent unit. I just started to pick up shifts in the ICU when I submitted my CASPA last year so technically this job isn't on my application. Since I have applied last year, I will finish my bachelors degree, gained about 500 PCE (I had around 900-1,000 on my application), and shadowed 2 new PAs.
  11. Thank you so much for giving me detailed feedback and taking the time to write this. It means a lot to me!
  12. Soooooooo I just got my 13th denial email from applying to pa schools this year and I am feeling absolutely hopeless. I know I am not the only one, but I am asking for any help possible. I definitely want to reapply and not give up my dream of being a pa (this is what I have wanted this I was 16). So according to my resume what areas can I work on? My stats: GPA: 3.34 (CASPA GPA 3.24) Prerecs: Anatomy: A Physiology: B Gen chem: A- orgo chem: A- Biochem: B+ into psych: AP credit life span psych: B+ gen biology: B Physics: A pathophysiology: B- PCE: around 1400, 550 as a CNA in a nursing home, 500 as a CNA in a ventilator dependent unit at the hospital and 400 as a CNA in the ICU went on a medical mission trip to Belize and wrote my personal statement on it and also presented the trip at a global health conference Shadowing: 5 hours with Internal med PA, 20 hours with Peds Neuro PA, 20 hours Family med MD, 20 hours ICU PA, 10 hours Family med PA Volunteering: 150 hours at Children's Healing center (non profit safe place for immune suppressed children to play) Presented research at Student scholars day at my university GRE: verbal: 145 Math: 145 writing: 3.5 So, what else can I work on? is my gpa too low? Please feel free to personal message me for advice!!!
  13. Work as a CNA! I got certified at a health academy in 2 weeks over the summer. Then look for PRN or resource position where you can set your own schedule :)
  14. piperPAC18

    INDIANA: Trine University

    One of my co workers got into their program.
  15. piperPAC18

    INDIANA: Trine University

    I believe they are still doing the april and may interviews. But just to let you know last time I checked they only have 11 spots left in their program.

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