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  1. definitely applying to this program when the application opens!
  2. they didn't have it available on my portal but I know they will have some!! MCPHS normally has 1 interview day a month up until April!
  3. received a supplemental app email about a week ago!! woohoo!
  4. Received an interview a couple of days ago!! due to my work schedule I signed up for the 11/01 interview :)
  5. Just received an interview for sept 14th!!
  6. Good luck everyone this cycle!! this is my 2nd time applying! I interviewed last year
  7. just resubmitted my app! I am legit OBSESSED with this program and hope its the one for me. I was waitlisted last year and hope this year is the year good luck to everyone!!
  8. I would check with Trine if they will do that again, but I have a feeling that they are going to do it again. You still have to reapply though.
  9. Hello everyone! My name is Piper and I am a second year applicant. I have yet to apply, just since they are not rolling admission. I haven't checked this page and I am freaking out because I haven't taken the casper test yet and saw that someone said Jan 8th was the last day. help!!!
  10. I was waitlisted as well im excited but also bummed! The wait continues
  11. @JoeV97 nothing yet!!!! Im anxious because people from the December interview started hearing back the Monday after.
  12. hello everyone! I applied to University of new England back at the end of September and got an email that my application was under review about a week later but since then I have not heard anything. Is anyone in the same boat??
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