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  1. I would check with Trine if they will do that again, but I have a feeling that they are going to do it again. You still have to reapply though.
  2. Hello everyone! My name is Piper and I am a second year applicant. I have yet to apply, just since they are not rolling admission. I haven't checked this page and I am freaking out because I haven't taken the casper test yet and saw that someone said Jan 8th was the last day. help!!!
  3. I was waitlisted as well im excited but also bummed! The wait continues
  4. @JoeV97 nothing yet!!!! Im anxious because people from the December interview started hearing back the Monday after.
  5. hello everyone! I applied to University of new England back at the end of September and got an email that my application was under review about a week later but since then I have not heard anything. Is anyone in the same boat??
  6. Has anyone not heard back from the Dec 5th or Nov 26th interview? I interviewed on Dec 5th and still haven't heard anything I was so hoping to hear back before the holiday!!
  7. Just received an interview for January 12th!! I am extremely excited considering my interview last year was cancelled!
  8. anyone think its too late to apply even though the deadline isn't till march?
  9. just checked my portal for MCPHS and it says I am on the waitlist to interview! anyone else in the same boat???
  10. How long after your application was verified did everyone receive a confirmation email from the school? I submitted on July 2nd and I have been verified and haven't received an email yet!!
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