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  1. When did u submit your application?
  2. Hey, For anyone who was interviewed. Did you receive an email stating that your application would remain active in the cycle and was later accepted? thanks.
  3. Hey! For anyone who interviewed, did you receive an email that your application would remain active in the cycle and was accepted after that? Thanks.
  4. Hey I recommend that you reach out to Bayshore to verify the status of your application. Also I doubt that Manhattan will affect anything with Bayshore. I’m pretty sure they are considered to be two different programs. Goodluck on your interview!
  5. Also was there another group interviewed since we were interviewed?
  6. So does that mean there is a difference between being waitlisted and having your application in the cycle?
  7. Hey just curious if you or anyone else who interviewed on 12/27 received an acceptance to Bayshore?
  8. http://shs.touro.edu/programs/physician-assistant/physician-assistant-bay-shore/tuition--fees/ This is the breakdown from their website. Hope it’s helpful.
  9. Hey, I know this may be too soon (lol), but when you have a few minutes, can you please share what your experience was like? thanks.
  10. Hey, so I received the email on 11/30. I applied to Winthrop and Bayshore. The email informed me that the Winthrop class the filled but they would like to offer me an interview for Bayshore. So I still think you will hear back from them. I think I got that email this early just because I applied to Winthrop and my application was reviewed since the application deadline for Winthrop was 10/1. Good luck to everyone interviewing today! Also can you please share about the experience today for those who have upcoming interviews! Thanks!
  11. Hey what’s the date of your Bayshore interview? I was also offered one for Bayshore!
  12. Ooops! I misread the date of your interview.
  13. Hey if you don’t mind me asking, what was your interview like? Thanks.
  14. I dont think it’s too late to apply to either Manhattan or Bay Shore but keep un mind they schedule interviews before the application deadline. So it’s possible for them to fill all seats before the application deadline. Apply as soon as possible!
  15. Other than what was said about interviews already, can anyone give any more insight into what their interview was like? What questions were asked? What was the writing portion about? Thanks.
  16. I received an email from Winthrop indicating that all seats have been filled. Has anyone on here received an interview for Bay Shore yet?
  17. For those of you who have interviewed for winthrop, when did you submit your application? thanks.
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