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  1. I'm a current student and this has not been my experience at all! We all feel very lucky to attend here. You have lunch with the first years at the interview and it is possible your friend interviewed during a particularly jam-packed time of the year in terms of exams and everyone was very stressed. That's PA school for you! Also, congrats to all those receiving interviews!
  2. Hang tight everyone! Duke gets thousands of applications each year and legitimately reads each one. Not all schools do this.
  3. I'm guessing you mean the "submit a question" function is being buggy? I would recommend calling instead on Monday and asking. You'll get the most reliable answer straight from the source. Also if I remember correctly from when I applied, CASPA had different rules about hours than Duke's supplemental app did.
  4. They don't send requests for this until they are done with interviews. If I remember correctly from last year, it was sometime in February or March when we got the email from Wendy, and then we had until June to get it done.
  5. If you are receiving acceptances at other schools (congrats btw!) and haven't heard anything from Duke yet, I would put down a deposit just to be safe. Even if you were to receive an interview invitation tomorrow, that chances of you hearing a final decision from Duke before those other deposits are due are slim to none (since you would have to wait to go on the interview and then wait again to hear back). Yes, it would be unfortunate for your bank account to have paid a deposit elsewhere and then hear good news from Duke, but it is much better than the alternative. Hope things work out for yo
  6. Not silly at all. The interviewers will have read your application, but it is perfectly fine to reiterate and expand upon things you talked about in your application! They will often ask questions that lead you to do that anyway.
  7. Can't say that I know that much about how the adcom reviews applications but nothing is a no until you get an email saying it's a no! Duke gets thousands of applications each year and it's not just one person reviewing them so comparing your timeline to others is not going to be an exact science.
  8. Another 1st year here! If I remember correctly from last year, they told us they interview between 240-270 applicants. There are 5-6 interview weeks with interviews held M/Tu/W during those weeks (and I think between 15-20 interviewees each day). Interviews normally run from October to January. Last year decisions were sent out by email about 1-2 weeks after each interview. For the people who are waitlisted, some get off the waitlist fairly quickly as people turn down offers. Others don't hear anything more until all interviews are over in January, and then they receive a ranking on the w
  9. Congrats @Mercyoverflows and @3chainz! @PrePhysicianAssistant, the interviews were very conversational. They really emphasized that even though they know interviews are inherently stressful, they wanted to try to make the experience as stress-free as they possibly could. You have two 1-on-1 interviews with a faculty member that last ~15 minutes each. As far as the team exercise goes, there really is no way to prepare for it so try not to stress about it. It wasn't bad at all.
  10. Thought I'd get this started. Super excited to meet you all!
  11. I will also be joining the class of 2020! Could not be more excited and can't wait to meet you all!
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