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  1. Hi! Could someone please guide me on which Rosh Review to purchase for didactic year?? Rosh Didactic (1,200 questions) vs Rosh PANCE (3,000 questions) ... THANK YOU
  2. Hello, I will be starting PA school in a few months and was wondering if anyone could comment on the things you wish you knew before starting PA school or general tips! Thank you!
  3. Just received an interview invitation! I will be interviewing 12/8 in the morning ? Good luck to everyone!
  4. I believe 11/18 is the only interview date - there are two sessions that day and my interview is 8am-12pm. Hope this helps!
  5. Received an invitation to interview for 11/18! SO excited!!!!!! Who is going to Grand Rounds?
  6. Hello ? I have been waitlisted to interview on 7/11 and haven’t heard anything yet!
  7. Just received an email that my application is moving forward to independent review! Under initial review 07/02 Good luck to everyone ?
  8. Received confirmation email on 6/18 and still haven’t heard back through email or through mail - anyone else in this position also?
  9. I emailed the program and was told that supplemental should go out to everyone by 07/16 and if not, to call the school directly .... (:
  10. Confirmation email from DeSales 06/11 Haven't heard anything yet! Good luck to everyone ?
  11. Waitlisted for interview on 06/19 Hoping to get the chance to interview! Good luck to everyone (:
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