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  1. Thank you :) I will be up next week, and then again mid-February. I think a bunch of the Wispact folks will be down for your week. Once again, good luck!
  2. No. I always use the ramp next to the HSLC when i’m On campus (lot 75). It maxes at $12 per day, but I rarely get to that point.
  3. As long as it’s professional, either would be fine. Keep in mind that Thursday is spent doing some group discussions, and you should be comfortable sitting without a table in front of you.
  4. Last I heard, they have 25 campus seats, 12 Wispact seats, 10 standard DE, and 6 local DE sears. They will interview approximately 100 for these spots. Some people are actually in contention for two or more tracts, however.
  5. The people in our class were split on what they chose for Thursday, so it doesn’t necessarily rule you out if you don’t have a second suit. As someone else said, it’s better to be over dressed than underdressed. (And don’t forget about footwear!) Good luck!
  6. Last year Thursday was split about 50/50 of dress slacks and blouses or dress shirt/tie vs suits. Everybody is in full suit for Friday.
  7. Congratulations on your acceptances! What a great problem to have. I am not familiar with Augsburg, but I did my undergrad at UW-L. I absolutely loved the school and I loved the city. There’s a lot to do, and the cost of rent is very low. We spent a lot of time outdoors on the bluffs and by the river, but we would frequently make day trips up to the cities. Downtown is a lot of fun, there are cute shops, and a decent music scene. I am currently in my first year at UW-Madison. Most of my weekdays are filled with school/studying, so I can spend weekends how I want to. Perhaps if you choose LaCro
  8. I believe that there will be 30 campus seats (including a few that are taken by current dual-degree students working on their MPH), 12 Wispact, 10 traditional DE, and up to 6 of the new local DE. Good luck everyone!
  9. University of Wisconsin has had a Distance Education cohort option since 2001. It's a combination of in person lessons and online coursework. The curriculum is set over three years. The first summer is in residence for anatomy lab, H/P intro, and clinical medicine. We then do two years (part time) of online learning-pathophys/diagnostics/pharmacology, and med micro/women's/ped's/surg second year. Each semester has 4-6 days on campus to do PEs/patient histories/clinical skills labs. The third year is spent with clinical rotations in or near our home towns. The lectures are recorded for review l
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