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  1. Our program is using Basic and Clinical Pharmacology, 14th by Katsung & Masters. We are on the second week of this class, and I am having a difficult time getting started on the reading, or even studying for it. The book is dense, and has MANY words/topics that are difficult to understand. I totally understand that I need to read and just study, which I am. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to go about this course? Is pharmacology just a difficult course to follow? I am feeling inadequate, and lost. However, I want to retain the most out of this class.
  2. I am on alternate list as well. Congrats to those accepted!
  3. No idea, but it's going to be all day. I'm assuming its group, and your of the facility. I wonder if Friday is the only day? And how many were invited.
  4. Are you guys preparing as if you are invited to interview? This wait is killer.
  5. Communication should be out in first or second week of May then? I guess it comes down to how you define the end of april/ Mid may. Since next week has april 30.
  6. Does anyone know how many spots of the 22 are taken from last years guaranteed?
  7. CASPA complete 7/22/17, CASPA verified 8/19 /17. Western U received CAS 9/5/17 Processed by Enrollment Data Services (EDS) 9/22/17. Has anyone had faster response from Western? I have also tried calling, but never got a call back.
  8. That's what I got from the beginning so I think it's normal :) Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to get off this forum. Its giving me mini-strokes and anxiety. lol
  9. I didn't experience that. My portal didn't change until they gave me the option to pick interview date. The whole page looks the same shows that I paid, and submitted secondary. But I noticed this at the top " If you need to contact us regarding your application, provide your name and this reference number: " Not sure if thats normal or if it recently changed....
  10. Hello everyone! Congrats to those of you who have interviewed! I am playing the waiting game as my app was verified by EDS on 9/22. When I check on my app status it states to call to speak about my application. Is this normal? Ive been checking my mail expecting a rejection because theres nothing on the app. Am i freaking out and just overthinking? Thanks!
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