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  1. I believe so as long as you have all the prereqs completed by the application deadline. You can always reach out to program to double check!
  2. No news yet either, still waitlisted :/ I did receive an acceptance call on Friday from another program but MGH is still my top choice. Wish we would have an update by now
  3. I received the same email confirming they have my application. Fingers crossed we hear soon!
  4. Hey everyone! I'm super excited to share that I just received an interview invitation yesterday! I chose the Nov 3-4 date and I can't wait to meet everyone! I'm also a UT alum and I have only great things to say about my undergraduate experience. UT is an incredible school, with some of the best and brightest faculty and staff I have ever had the pleasure to meet. There is still hope if you are waiting to hear! Stay positive and never give up!
  5. Same here!! Invited to interview at Knoxville Nov 8th as well. Super excited to meet everyone!
  6. I was in a similar boat because I spent the past 4 years working full-time. I did a lot of research and watched their webinar where they mentioned LORs but did not specify the academic LOR requirement. I tried to call the program a couple of times to verify but I wasn't able to get through. I applied anyway with 4 LORs total (2 from a PA, 2 from MD). Sorry this wasn't a direct answer but hopefully it'll help some!
  7. I'm not a student from Univ of La Verne but the website is super helpful to become familiar with the program! I didn't see the accepted students stats posted on the site yet but I'd keep checking it because they'll most likely update it soon. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful!
  8. Hey everyone! I wanted to start a thread for the new application cycle. My application was verified on 6/5. Good luck everyone!
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