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  1. I emailed her on dead week, which was like two weeks ago
  2. We're on the same boat, I interviewed on the same day haven't heard anything yet besides Mrs. Mealer sending me a vague almost cryptic email. I had to decipher it pretty much, the jist of it was that there are still seats available, but a majority of the class has been chosen. She was probably in a hurry cause her syntax was so bad it was hard to understand. Don't count your chickens I guess, I've been waiting for an acceptance letter but at this point anything would suffice.
  3. Nothing yet, but there's still hope. Mrs. Mealer informed me that there are still plenty of seats to fill. To everyone who was interviewed and has not been accepted, you still have a horse in this race.
  4. Yeah my interview was almost an hour long, and it was held on the 16th of October. I've yet to hear anything from the program. Placing your fate in the hands of someone else is incredibly difficult.
  5. I was asked, " what are certain limitations the physician assistant has?" I scrambled to come up with an answer and said, "A P.A. can preform brain surgery as long as the Physician is present and gives his approval, so the only limitation is what the supervising physician is willing to allow the P.A. to do under his license." I think that was the right answer, but as of right now it doesn't seem to have sufficed.
  6. I'm sure you can pick it up while doing clinical rotations. I've shadowed in the emergency room here at Mission Regional and you'd be surprised how many patients speak English, eventhough it's not there native language. You'll pick it up, I learned fairly quickly. Mainly due to the fact that it is all based on Latin which we should all be familiar with.
  7. I interviewed October 16th; I still haven't heard anything yet.
  8. I had a similar email. It had been sent out twice for some reason.
  9. I applied August 28th, got verified September 18th, and had my interview on October 16.
  10. Oh and I didn't get a gift bag and nobody took my picture. Perhaps that's only for students who are not affiliated with the University.
  11. I had an interview the 16th of this month. They told me they would contact me in a few weeks regarding their decision.
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