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  1. What is the interview format? Traditional? MMI? Is some kind of written exam included? (I don’t mean writing sample.) Thanks!
  2. I’m a prospective PA students currently attending school interviews. For interviews, I’m trying to come up with a substantive presentation for how I see my career playing out, but I’m a little fuzzy on what is available to PAs in the fields of expedition medicine, travel (international) medicine, and mountain medicine. I’ve read up a bit on various sites including Wilderness Medical Society (read up on their Fellowship of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine), worldextrememedicine.com, adventuremedic.com, and opportunity-posting sites like medicalmissions.org. The problems I’ve been running into is that these sites are thorough in their descriptions of certs offered, but even international or expedition job posting sites are not clear about which opportunities are available to PA’s. As a result, I know how I can be certified, but I don’t know what I can do with it. PA’s in these fields- what have you done with your certs?
  3. Please help me understand scope of practice in regards to script writing. From the nys.gov department of health website: In an outpatient setting, the PA may prescribe all medications, including Schedule II - V controlled substances, if delegated by the supervising physician. PAs may apply to the DEA to obtain their own, individual registration numbers as "mid-level practitioners." Once duly registered by the DEA, they may prescribe Schedules II, III, IV and V drugs, in compliance with Article 33 of the Public Health Law and Part 80 and Part 94.2 of Title 10 regulations. Such prescribing is also subject to any limitations imposed by the supervising physician and/or clinic or hospital where such prescribing activity may occur. PAs shall register with the Department of Health in order to be issued official New York State prescription forms. Official New York State prescription forms issued to the PA are imprinted with the names of both the PA and the supervising physician. If a PA utilizes an official prescription issued to a hospital or clinic, the PA must stamp or type his or her name and the name of the supervising physician on the official prescription. my interpretation... In outpatient settings, PA's can prescribe schedule II-V if delegated by MD If PA obtains individual registration numbers as a mid-level provider from DEA, they can prescribe schedule II-V...[without MD?] Questions... What exactly does "if delegated by a MD" mean? how does obtaining registration numbers from DEA make a differences in their ability to prescribe? Can PA's never write scripts for schedule I? are the rules the same for inpatient/hospital/clinic settings?
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