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  1. Hey everyone I just have a question about health care experience and which is best when applying to PA school. I go to Miami Dade College here in south florida, any PA's from my school that graduated will help. I am in my 2nd year of earning my bachelors in Health science with an option of physician assistant studies. I have two options which I feel I like and they Phlebotomist, and caregiver. Now I am not sure if caregiver is accepted for PA schools but I found it on the "inside pa training" website. I like caregiver because my family actually owns a nursing home and it would be great if I can get hours right at my house but I am not sure if that is also accepted for PA schools (getting hours at a family owned business I mean). I would have too check with them first but if they do agree that it is fine would being a caregiver be the best option for me? I was considering EMT but I do think the job is a little too managing for me at the moment. I also found CNA which is also something I could do in a nursing home.
  2. Hey mate if you don't mind me asking. I am planning on joining the Navy as a corpsman kind of similar to the path that you have done and was wondering about your asvab score and how you built rank while in the navy. I know a lot of things go into account. But being that I will be finishing my under grad by next year. Any tips would be helpful. Thanks again.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm new to the fourm and I'm glad that I was able to find it because I believe many of the members here can help me with my situation. Too make this short, I am a sophomore at Miami Dade College here in South Florida. I plan on going to the Navy (U.S) before I go to medical school (of course so that they will accept me faster) and would just like to know if my plan as of now is ok? I have not failed any of my science classes. I have gotten 2 C's in my science labs but everything else is a B or higher. My GPA is 3.56 at the moment so I am still trying to increase it as I near my goal. Many people are telling me to go into the officer route ( Get a B.S in some science degree then join the military) but I would rather serve as an enlisted because I do want to serve my country in the sense that I want to be a Corpsman (greenside) and help in any way I can battlefield or not. I have no desire to go blueside but of course that is the choice of my commander so not sure about that end, anyways, I am 20 years old at the moment. I'm 100% sure that I want to join the navy as a corpsman no question and would just like to know a few tips and suggestions from anyone willing to help me out. I just feel a bit confused about how many people here in the forums are having trouble finding PA schools and getting accepted. Many getting Bachelors, or a masters. I thought being a corpsman for 4+ years and having a good gpa was enough but if I need to get more things then I might have to change my plans a little bit. Of course I have more to say but for now I believe this is good. Thanks to anyone that answers.
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