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  1. It is rolling. I think the supplemental fee was $50 and there was a one page essay.
  2. In years past I believe they’ve interviewed until March. Not sure how many dates. I hope you hear something soon!
  3. I hope you do soon!!! Good luck and best wishes to you!
  4. Just got a call a little bit ago that I was accepted!!
  5. I applied around mid July, received supplemental to fill out on 7/29/19, mailed it almost 2 weeks later, received confirmation they had received it on 8/23/19 and then received an interview invite on 9/19/19 for the Oct 11 interview.
  6. I’m worried that it’s going to be even more debt but no significant pay increase once I become a PA.
  7. I haven't started on the supplemental yet, but plan to as soon as I can. How long does it take for anyone who has filled it out?
  8. Still awaiting to hear from this school. I applied to the Miami campus. Has anyone been invited to interviews for the Miami campus yet?
  9. Just received an invite for the Oct 11th day! Is this the first interview day they’ve offered so far? I was also not aware that it is a requirement to be enrolled in both the doctorate and masters programs. I need to think more clearly about it and do more research.
  10. My guess is they lose quite a few people due to other acceptances so they over-invite to make up for it. I am on an interview waitlist at another school so I guess other schools do that too.
  11. Don't lose hope! It is a really stressful process. Lots of money, time, stress, tears go into it but the end goal is worth it so don't stop working towards it. You might just hear something when you least expect it
  12. Don't worry! I just got mine like 10 min ago. I think they have to send them out individually which takes time. you'll hear soon.
  13. I’m still waiting for confirmation too! Hopefully soon, I’m hoping for Nov 22
  14. I emailed admissions back in August about this and she said that there were 780 verified applicants, 151 interviews, and 48 spots in the program.
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