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  1. You will get sent a secondary application to fill out if you get an interview. Interview invites went out in mid-September last year for five dates. There was one date in early October, three in November and one in early December. We got to pick what interview date we wanted. Acceptances went out in mid december.
  2. Don’t worry! I submitted In July last year and they didn’t send out invites for anyone until middle of September.
  3. Received an interview invite today. Will be turning it down due to acceptance elsewhere. Hopefully that helps someone else!!
  4. Hi everyone!! I just gave up my seat as I have decided to attend another program closer to home. I am ecstatic someone else will get my spot! Good luck to whoever gets it!
  5. I plan on withdrawing my app probably at the end of this month. I got acceptances to two other schools so I don’t want to wait much longer lol
  6. I also interviewed 11/22 and received an early acceptance
  7. Interesting.. I received only those two emails. I guess they send the one about app being under review after everything processed. I had everything in when I submitted back in late July. Maybe they will send it to you soon.
  8. On Friday I received an email stating my application is under review and that interviews begin in sept. I was confused thinking I had received this email back in August, but after looking at that email again I realized the one from August was a receipt and a reminder to make sure I had everything is in and complete. Did anyone receive an email stating their app was under review? If so, when did you receive it and when did you submit your app?
  9. It is rolling. I think the supplemental fee was $50 and there was a one page essay.
  10. In years past I believe they’ve interviewed until March. Not sure how many dates. I hope you hear something soon!
  11. I hope you do soon!!! Good luck and best wishes to you!
  12. Just got a call a little bit ago that I was accepted!!
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