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  1. Alm4034

    Waitlist Support Group

    Overall GPA- 3.5 (masters and undergrad) Undergrad GPA- 3.38 Science GPA- 3.25 Healthcare/patient care hours- about 8000 as a therapist Schools applied this cycle: 5 Interviews: 3 waitlist/continued consideration:3 Times applied: 3 but first year I only applied to 1 school. Last year schools applied: 7 Interviewed:3 Waitlist:2
  2. Alm4034

    Waitlist Support Group

    I'm in the same boat. I'm currently waitlisted at 2 and continued consideration at 1. Its incredibly frustrating but I just ln keep reminding myself that it's better than a rejection.
  3. Alm4034

    Waitlist frustration

    Thank you for your kind words and advice. I am definitely going to get some more prerequisites done so I can apply to a few more schools. Unfortunately I cant apply too far from home since I'm trying to avoid uprooting my kids and want to stay within easy driving distance so my husband and kids can easily come visit if they dont move with me.
  4. So this is my 3rd year applying. The first year I only applied to 2 schools to get a feel for the process, interviewed at 1, and was rejected. The second year I applied to 7 schools, interviewed at 3, and was waitlisted at 2. This year I applied to 5, interviewed at 3, and was waitlisted at 3. I guess I'm just incredibly frustrated. I've done mock interviews and the interviewers say I do great. I've felt like the actual interviews go well and I get waitlisted, which I know is still a huge accomplishment but I just wish I could get that one acceptance. plus next year some of my prerequisites are hitting the 5 year expiration mark for one of the programs I have been waitlisted at the last 2 years, so this makes me wonder if I should start retaking these classes to qualify for this program that I have gotten close to getting into on multiple occasions. Stats: I have a 3.4 cumulative undergrad GPA, 3.25 science GPA, and 3.9 graduate GPA. Approximately 4000 hours as a mental health therapist, 5000 hours as a behavioral therapist with children with autism spectrum disorders, and 350 hours as a job coach for individuals with disabilities. To prep for the next application cycle I am taking a few more upper level science courses to open up more schools I can apply and also going to get my CNA so I am able to get some different health care experience in addition to continuing to work as a mental health therapist. Is there any other advice anyone can give me to make me a more competitive applicant? (Raising GPA isn't much of an option since I have approximately 160 undergraduate credit hours). I've tried contacting all of the schools I have applied to and they all state that they do not provide individual feedback. Thank you for your time reading this leangthy post.
  5. I emailed them asking what this status meant and this is the response I received. "Thank you for your email and interest in Rosalind Franklin University.The admissions committee has conducted an initial review of your application, which displays evidence of your academic potential.Your application will be reviewed further, there is nothing additional that you need to submit to strengthen your application, but if there are any changes in your health care hours or completed coursework, you may log in to CASPA to update your application accordingly. Please allow another 4-6 weeks for the holistic review process to be completed. Your application can be placed on the waiting list from the continued consideration status. If that is the case this will mean that you are admissible into the program and if a seat becomes available you will be pulled from the wait list to fill that seat. "
  6. Alm4034

    2018-2019 Application Cycle

    For advice I would say just try to be yourself and maybe practice answering some typical mmi style questions to practice what talking for approximately 5 minutes feels like. Also for the last interview thing I'm not sure about that because it also said the same thing in my interview reminder for the October 12th interview. At the time of the interview they had said there was still spots open. I do know that myself and 1 other person from that interview date were placed on the waitlist. Hope this is at least a little helpful ?
  7. Alm4034

    2018-2019 Application Cycle

    Received an email today that I was placed on the alternate list. Interviewed October 12th.
  8. Alm4034

    2018-2019 Application Cycle

    I haven't heard anything either. Last year I received my interview invite on October 16th for the November interview date.
  9. Alm4034

    2018-2019 Application Cycle

    I'm also interviewing October 12th
  10. One thing to consider is financial aid. If you already have a bachelor's then your financial aid options are more limited. You will have to be a degree seeking student to receive financial aid and its typically unsubsidized loans. If you do not have a degree yet your financial aid package should remain similar to what you have currently.
  11. Alm4034

    Interview Process????

    Most schools have multiple interview dates and send invites at different times for different dates. For instance if they have an interview on the 29th they may send all the invites for that interview day at the same time but not for later interview dates. That being said every school is different. It may be helpful to look at the pa forum page for the schools you applied to. You can look at previous years to get an idea of how the school handles their interview invites.
  12. Alm4034

    Mock interviews

    Is anyone interested in doing a mock interview to practice for upcoming interviews? If interested direct message me.
  13. So I interviewed at a school a few weeks ago. Today I got an email stating that my application is under continued consideration. They said that as the interview season continues they continue to make admissions decisions on an ongoing basis. I guess my question is how others interpret this. Is it similar to a waitlist? Are there schools that send something similar to all individuals who interview and then dont give rejections until the end of the interview cycle?
  14. I was just wondering if anyone knows if Rosalind Franklin sends out any rejections after interviews or if everyone who interviews is put under continued consideration if they are not accepted. Congrats to everyone who has been accepted so far.
  15. Alm4034

    Interview rejection?

    It depends on the school.

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