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  1. There was a group part but it was more of a discussion. I just remember it being very chill.
  2. All new programs start with Accreditation-provisional status if their program is approved by the accrediting body. They have that status for at least 5 years and then at the end of 5 years it can change to continued accreditation, probation, etc. Since it is a fully accredited program we are able to sit for the PANCE. And the review of the program from the accreditation committee was great. I don't believe there was anything that they recommended be changed. This information can be found on ARC-PA website.
  3. The director said to email Danielle at physician.assistant@neciowa.edu
  4. They are trying to set up most of my clinicals back home (SE Minnesota) since my hisband and 2 kids are still living in our house back there. I try to go back most weekends. Where are you from?
  5. I'm waiting for a email response to your question. We are on break right now. We go back for second semester on Tuesday. We started on Campus in July since our program was the only program on campus. Summer semester wasn't bad. Next semester is probably going to be a tad rougher since we have more classes but they are more clinical so that's nice.
  6. I'm not sure. I'll see if I can get an answer to this for you.
  7. I am a current student. If you have any questions let me know and I can answer or put you in touch with our student ambassador.
  8. I believe the 16th and 17th ate the first week of interviews. Interviews are held 5 weeks in a row I believe.
  9. Giving up my spot due to acceptance elsewhere. Good luck to everyone on the waitlist.
  10. My science GPA is about a 3.38 and I have 2 acceptances and 5 waitlists so far this year. Everyone is different and noone can tell you whether you will get in but I did with a 3.38 science GPA and a 3.5 overall GPA.
  11. Just got an acceptance offer after being on the waitlist.
  12. Also received an offer to interview. For the campus class cohort and the traditional distance education cohort.
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