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  1. Received my invitation to interview today. Verified 6/4
  2. Good luck to everyone on the coming cycle.
  3. I had one sent by my school on the 22nd and it is not showing on my app. I called and they said to wait until Friday to call back since it has only been like 6 business days due to the holiday.
  4. Nevermind I found it. Thanks for the info, it's not easily seen on the website.
  5. Where do you see they switched to rolling admissions? I havent found this on the website, maybe I'm missing it.
  6. Good luck to everyone applying.
  7. Good luck to everyone applying.
  8. Good luck to everyone applying this cycle.
  9. Good luck to everyone applying this cycle.
  10. I will be applying in June as long as I get an A in O Chem. When I asked they said it was not rolling admissions
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