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  1. Hey y'all! This year (April 2018) is going to be my second year of applying to PA school. I worked really hard on my personal statement the first time around and had quite a few English professors and PAs read it and give me their insight and thoughts. I don't want to apply with the same exact essay as last year. I want to add what I have done to boost my application as well as change it up if it doesn't sound all that great. Anyone willing to give their advice and opinion on my personal statement? Any and ALL critiques are much appreciated! Thank you!!
  2. Hello y'all! I have been reading and reading everyone's posts and comparing myself to others and decided to finally write one about myself. I have a bachelors degree in Biomedical Sciences with a cumulative GPA of 3.01 and science GPA of 2.75. I have an average GRE score of 300, verbal 148 and quantitative 152, analytical writing 3.0. I played division I soccer all four years of college and ran track for a semester as well. I have roughly 100 volunteer hours, 50 shadowing PA hours, and 2,000+ patient on hand hours. I did poorly in Organic Chem and Microbiology which I have retaken as a non-degree seeking student at a local college and received A's. I have read contradicting opinions and statements about post-bacc work and if the classes I'm retaking are beneficial to my science and cumulative undergraduate GPAs. I have been going back and forth on what I should do next in order to get into PA school. Second bachelor's degree? Masters degree in public health or health administration? Associates degree at community college in EMT? I want to do the most beneficial option that will improve as many aspects of my application as possible in the shortest amount of time (obviously). One more question, when schools say "focus on last 60 credit hours of coursework" is that in reference to the last 60 hours of coursework in undergraduate degree or the last 60 hours of coursework including post bacc and masters? I know a lot of schools solely look at science and undergrad GPA so gaining a masters wouldn't be helpful to those GPAs necessarily. Thank you in advance to anyone who replies and offers some clarity for me! I'm so appreciative!
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