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  1. You still have the option to apply for the grad plus loans. That's in addition to the 20,500$. It will work out!
  2. You have the stat of an 'average' PA school applicant. You have a chance for sure but it depends on the school, trend of your GPAs, and personal statement. I recommend shadowing a PA and DIVERSIFY your clinical experiences. Do an EMT or Volunteer in a hospital setting as soon as you can. Also try to be in the higher percentile on your GRE. I wish you the Best!
  3. I would be a bit skeptical of you getting a feedback regarding the strengths and weakness of your application. However, I will tell you this. I got in with a 'mediocre' cGPA and sGPA. My prerequisite GPA is better. I will advise you to work on your direct PCEs and personal statements as long as your GPAs are in the range (the average of GPAs they have accepted before). Also, when you get an interview, sell your abilities, experiences, enthusiasm, fitness to the program(specifically) beyond the numbers. I wish you the best!
  4. Hi Mtalex93, Your numbers will get you in most of the PA programs. It just depends on how you sell it on your personal statements and during your interviews (pretty sure you will get some). Most schools like to see an upward trend in your grades (freshman-->Soph-->Junior-->senior). Also try to apply to schools that have history of accepting students with similar stats to you. Best of Luck,
  5. I found their interview to be much less stressful. I started with kind of a mini ''know the program" video session, and then interview with admission director, followed by the program director and two faculty members. Just focus on why you WANT and DESERVE to be in the program, and how THE PROGRAM (specifically) will help you become successful both as student and in the profession later. All the best!
  6. Accepted from 11/28 interview. Interview was more of a conversation than "ask and answer." From the front office to the director, all were easy to approach. I am a BOBCAT!! Good Luck everyone.
  7. Hey Columbus is not a flashy city but its full of opportunities in healthcare. It is great if you want to do some of "college life" stuff too lol . But I wouldn't expect that with an intensive PA curriculum. please leave me info when you finish your interview. Best of luck.
  8. I also got accepted for october 3rd interview but I bailed out because of the cancer causing emissions around the area. Mn polluted environment
  9. My interview is on Nov. 28th. I m also in searching phase. From what I have read from other posts, they said it is a laid back general and behavioral questions. please let me know if you do yours before I do.
  10. did you just get the invitation or did the interview at the site?
  11. Hello PA world, I just got invited for interview at Ohio University PA @dublin Ohio and I’m so anxious of the interview. What type of questions are there in the interview. The Program just put in probation like a month ago. Should I bring up and ask about the reason for that or is it a red flag? I want to go to the school no matter what... but for discussion
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