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  1. it doesn't but i would make sure it's a decent quality photo and have it printed on stock paper. i just had a friend take a picture in portrait mode on my phone, then got it sized/printed at staples for barely a dollar
  2. men at the interview wore a suit and tie, women wore either business formal skirts or slacks, blazers and blouses with heels or flats. i took my passport sized photo in my interview outfit though so when they saw it they’d remember me more specifically. there were nine in my group! @spizzalover, there was an essay but it’s nothing difficult that requires significant medical knowledge. its more to gauge critical thinking and articulation.
  3. to provide a basic timeline: i submitted my CASPA app the day it opened, 4/26. i received the supplemental on 6/7, submitted everything by 7/1 when the graduate school applications opened, invited to interview 7/9 and accepted 7/31.
  4. hang in there! their information packet specifically states those who receive the supplemental request will be invited for an interview. try giving another staff member the call if need. i think a lot of their numbers are on the program page of towson's website.
  5. I received an email yesterday evening. My interview is on the 18th of this month! Didn't expect it to be so soon but I'm definitely glad to be doing it earlier.
  6. yeah, i just sent in mine! now to wait for the phone call ?
  7. Anyone else still not able to access the Towson graduate school application? I keep getting to step 2 but when I go to the PA program, it says no term is available. It said it should be open today but no luck. I'm guessing since it's a Sunday it may open tomorrow, but just wanted to see if anyone was able to access it.
  8. Same here, glad to hear you got your response! Yes, usually if you're asked for a supplemental they'll contact you for an interview. The waiting is definitely gonna get more tense from here but I'm sure it'll be worth it.
  9. I haven't heard anything but they usually don't send anything out until mid to late June or early July. My friend in the 2020 class interviewed in either late July or early August, was waitlisted in October and was offered a spot in November. This is the worst part but one of the other programs I applied to just contacted me for a supplemental application, so don't overthink or stress too much! ?
  10. I was verified back in the middle of May, but there was a mixup and I just had my GPA calculated and added to the application. If you have your GPA, that is when it is officially completed and received by the school. So it may still say 'verified', but once the school receives it they'll confirm it with you. My friend is in the class of 2020, so I'm going off her experience and what the program head said at the open houses. Best of luck!
  11. Thank you so much! Most of the schools I’m applying to accept combined courses, and they both have labs. I still have time before applications open so I’m going to try and find a little more experience in a different setting, but being in an ER, I’ve seen many patients with more prevalent medical issues and work with the doctors and nurses to treat those first so luckily I get a good mix of experience... and I have my fair share of crisis experience as well, and can handle my difficult patients! I greatly appreciate the advice!
  12. Hey all, I've been working in the medical field (first as a mental health worker at SEPH for a year, and two years interning prior, then in an emergency room/crisis intervention as a tech for two years) for quite some time, and I have intentions to apply to PA school when CASPA opens up in spring of next year. I have a bachelors in Psychology earned in 2015, and the following are some basic credentials: -3.67 Cumulative Undergrad GPA, Dean's List from Sophomore Year onward -Medical Terminology - A, A&P1 - A, currently taking A&P2, Micro and Biochem but expect to have A's in all 3. -Approximately 3,080 hours PCE (rough estimate) -Experience shadowing a PA in both primary care and emergency care settings -2 letters of recommendation, one from an MD and one from a PA, waiting until I'm finished my sciences to ask a professor for a third to reinforce my academic skill So, not the highest degree of applicant a lot of schools see, but I'm relatively confident in a lot of my abilities. However, I'm just experiencing that pre-application anxiety and wanted to post here to see if anyone had any advice, any thoughts on my experience and likelihood at admission, any recommendations on how to bolster my application? Any and all criticism is appreciated. It's still a while away, but I've wanted to be in the medical field my whole life and want to be as prepared as possible! Regards, Lucien
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