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  1. I was accepted! Interviewed on 11/19/18 in the 8 am group. I received an email yesterday notifying me that my admissions status had been updated (in my portal). Best of luck to all of you! This is my second admissions cycle, so I understand how overwhelmingly discouraging all of those denial emails can be -- stay positive!! Trust the process! When the time is right, all your hard work WILL pay off!
  2. Hi all! Does anyone know what the general interview format/itinerary has been (i.e. group or personal interviews, any group activities or writing assignments, etc.)? I interview tomorrow afternoon... Thanks!
  3. Has anyone received any details about the general interview format (i.e. will it be group interviews, multiple mini-interviews, etc.)?
  4. Hello! I also received an interview invite for November 18th, wahoo! Does anyone know when we can expect to receive an admissions decision, though? On BPU's website it says "letters of acceptance are sent out mid-December", but does anyone know if past students have received a phone call or anything else before receiving their snail-mail letter? (I was going to enroll in a few courses if I ended up not getting accepted but, unfortunately, the deadline for tuition payments are December 1st. Soo, I am really hoping I will receive an admissions decision before this so I won't have to spend all this extra money for nothing....) Thanks
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