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  1. This is all true however mostly a non-issue for me personally. It was well worth it for me to make First Republic my main bank for the low rate and just have my paycheck direct deposited there. My loan payment is on autopay which is one less thing to think about. Its very easy to keep $3500 sitting in my checking account to satisfy that requirement. Regarding the pause payments forbearance issue, Ive been told by my banker that this is a flexible policy and they wouldn't immediately jump to filing a default on your loan for 1-3 months of missed payments if you reach out and explain whats going on. If something truly catastrophic did happen you could always refinance to one of the other big lenders with higher rates but let you pause payments i suppose....that being said probably not the best refi option if you ever anticipate needing to pause your payments in the future for an unknown amount of time.
  2. If you can "prove" residence within First Republic Bank's footprint (CA, OR, NY, MA, CT, FL, WY), their rates are the lowest nationwide. I refi'd my fed loans from 7% down to 3.55% on a 10 year repayment schedule. A 5 year plan would've been 1.55% but at 3.55% im in no hurry to pay it off faster than 10 years. Added bonus is, if you pay back your loan in 4 years or less they refund 50% of the interest payments you paid. Shameless $300 bonus for you (and me) if you qualify and refinance -- refer.firstrepublic.com/s/matthew11
  3. So i'm a newish grad, just over a year out of school. Almost a year of ED experience. I have been looking into per-diem urgent care work in Los Angeles and most of what im seeing is often 1099. Assuming malpractice is covered by the employer (a deal breaker for me if its not), what's a fair hourly wage considering I wont be getting benefits from this part time 1099 position and will have a more complicated tax situation paying not only the employee but employer portions of the taxes. It's a new UC trying to get off the ground and the owner is a doc who says he'd be "happy to have 5-10 pts come through the door" (10am-5pm) a day while he works to get the clinic's name out. He threw out numbers for hourly rates around $55-70 but said he was open to negotiating and talking more upon meeting and showing me the practice. He employs MDs in the practice who function in other non-urgent care capacities so its more of an expansion of an existing practice vs starting one from the ground up. Appreciate any input.
  4. This offer is for a position in a small single physician surgical dermatology private practice office in a highly affluent community outside of Los Angeles, CA. The physician is an experienced Moh's surgeon who deals almost exclusively in skin cancer, reconstruction, and cosmetics (no medical derm). She is offering a "training year" and I am seeking a "foot in the door" with dermatology. Let me preface this post by saying I know it's a pretty rough offer, but my hope is once developing a skill set within surgical dermatology. I'd hope to become an asset to the practice in order to negotiate a better deal or become more marketable to another derm practice that may give me a better offer. Salaried at $4800/month for the first 3 months, $5600/month for the next 3 months, and $6400/month for the next 6 months ($69,600 pretaxed). "On Call" weekends and holidays to field the occasional phone call. Hours are essentially "open to close" at the office usually between 10-12 hours a day mon-fri until i'm trained well enough to know when its ok to cut out early. Exempt employee status with no set breaks, lunch, or overtime compensation. Profit sharing 401k pension plan where the employer gives 7.5% of annual salary toward retirement with a vesting schedule that becomes completely matured after 6 years. So after 1 year, 0% vested, 2 years 20%, 3 years 40% vested, 4 years 60% vested, 5 years 80%, and 6 years 100%. CME money is limited to any actual amount. It’s approved on case by case basis and seems like ill rarely have much say in how it’s used. Malpractice is clams made without tail Health insurance is covered 50% after the first 3 months for the first year. Then 100% covered starting after the first year. PTO is 7 holidays where the office is closed anyways. 10 additional days will accrue over the first year, 11 the next year, 12 after that, and so on. I appreciate any and all feedback. Thanks!
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