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  1. As I am preparing to study for the PANCE, I am curious as to how people best prepared for the exam. I am wondering if making flashcards of bolds/italicized/underlined topics and tables within PANCE PREP PEARLS in addition to going through tons of Rosh Review questions and NCCPA practice tests would be adequate. Thanks all for your help and insight!
  2. Interested in moving to Austin, TX from out of state after graduating this next year. Does any one know what the PA job market looks like in Austin? Is it saturated? I am specifically looking into dermatology, but open to other specialties.
  3. To the incoming class of 2021, here is a link to the group's facebook page! So excited to get to know everyone! https://www.facebook.com/groups/525539994455224/
  4. It looks like Cooper made one last year. So, I think it is ok to make one! I am in the process of doing so, but it looks like I have to add one person to start. Could I add you in? And then we could publicize it :)
  5. Does anyone know when a FB page is going to be made for the upcoming class? Can we start an informal one or does USC make one?
  6. Hi there! I am wondering if anyone has some advice on picking a school. I have been very lucky to have been accepted to three great programs. Now, I'm having such a hard time picking! I've broken down my thought process below and I am hoping you guys can offer some advice. USC: great location, great alumni network/opportunities, expensive Colorado: great reputation, largest class size, great connections to nearby hospitals Chapman: Great location, great family feel, smallest class size, provisional status, I would be entering 2nd cohort (new) I love each school for different reasons! What are some factors that I should weigh most heavily when making this decision? How should I weigh location, reputation, accreditation (provisional vs continuing), and other factors? Thanks again!
  7. Hi Miles! Thanks for starting this thread. I'm from San Francisco, but I have been living in Colorado since college. I'm super excited to meet everyone! Do you think we could start an informal Class of 2021 FB page in the meantime to meet everyone?
  8. Does anyone know if (or when) there is a facebook page for admitted students? Looking to connect with the new class! Thanks!
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