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  1. I was just surprised that NDs could be called physicians and attempt to become a pcp. Also, doesn’t prescribing go against the “natural” philosophy? Recommendations of lifestyle changes and vitamins should be all that is needed if one follows the natural philosophy. You don’t need a script for vitamins and omega 3 oils after all.
  2. Hey All, https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/natural-doctors-face-skepticism-from-practitioners-of-conventional-medicine/2018/04/09/0c148bf4-3351-11e8-8abc-22a366b72f2d_story.html?utm_term=.a18ab08bd7c5 I was scrolling through various news outlets and found out about NDs? I couldn't find any threads about this and wanted to know everyone's thoughts. Key takeaways from this article: NDs seek to "be allowed to work as primary-care physicians, prescribe medication, diagnose diseases and seek insurance payment just as MDs and DOs do." Is this a new profession? I have honestly never heard of it before.
  3. Speaking from experience, I would STRONGLY recommend that you complete series courses at the same university. You mentioned that you have taken Bio 1 at one university then please continue to complete Bio 2 at the same university. You may take A&P at a different university if you wish but again, complete the series at the same university. I have broken up one series course (A&P) at two separate universities in the past and it was looked down upon. When it came time to submit my application, it was required that I submit the course syllabus from both university to verify that I did not miss any body systems. I even had a couple schools just skip my application all together just because I broke up the series. these universities recommended that I went back and complete the course series at one of the two schools. Bottom line is if you want to save yourself the hassle of double checking to make sure you are not missing anything in the course curriculum and are willing to provide the syllabus for each course, stick to one school.
  4. Completely agree with the above. Most schools only allow 1-2 "in-progress" prerequisite courses during the time of application so be sure to check with each school before submitting your application. It would be a waste of money otherwise.
  5. Just gave up my seat for this upcoming class. The next person on the waitlist is about to get some good news! :)
  6. All of the established PAs that I have shadowed and talked to stressed how many job offers they obtained during their rotations which prompted my question. With so many applicants attending school out of state, I was surprised that no one asked this question sooner.
  7. Thank you for the advice! I do believe that my school does offer an "at home" rotation and will be definitely taking advantage of that!
  8. Hello Everyone! I currently live in Southern California but have been lucky enough to be accepted to a couple schools in NY. I am also currently waiting to hear back from a few California schools. I was wondering how important it is in terms of obtaining a job after PA School to attend a school that is located in the state that you wish to practice.
  9. I still can't shake the habit of checking my email every 15 minutes. I am just working non-healthcare to pass the time. It's still dragging though.
  10. Leave it out! There are a few things you shouldn't say during a PA interview and I feel like this would be among the top 3.
  11. Just got called for the Southampton campus! :) Just waiting for the confirmation email now. Anyone know when the start date is yet ? I’m eager to start!
  12. I believe you should try to improve your GPA. As PA school becomes more competitive with each passing cycle, the minimum GPA requirements are only going to be increased. If you haven't been bouncing around universities, then try a community college like Patricia said. Adding one resume to send into CASPA isn't going to make a difference. Unless, you have been to like 7 different colleges. Your HCE looks pretty good though.
  13. I am also facing the same problem! My P.A. Program starts in September and I wanted to pick up an additional job to save a bit before all of the chaos starts. No one wants someone that will stick around for less than a year :(
  14. Anyone considering the PA houses that were mentioned during the tour? Does anyone know how far off they are?
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