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  1. Hi, is your interview for the Worcester campus? I tried calling to see if I would be able to move up my interview but I was told there was no interview session scheduled for that day
  2. Interviewed 11/29, and just called to see if there were any updates as I haven’t heard anything either. She said I’ll be receiving any updates through mail which from former posts I believe is how they send rejection letters. I’m super bummed but if anyone from the 11/29 interview date hears anything keep us posted! Good luck everyone and congrats to those accepted!!
  3. I interviewed 11/29 and this wait is killing me! I've never hoped for my phone to ring so much in my life. Keeping my fingers crossed and good luck to everyone!!
  4. Does anyone happen to know if there are any interview dates between Dec 5th and Jan 31?
  5. She mentioned it on interview day but I think I read a post on this forum (from a past application cycle) that confirmed this
  6. Hi all! I was part of the last interview group on 10/15 (just got the email I was waitlisted). It looks like they are sending emails for the last interviewees so the waitlist should get moving soon. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and good luck to everyone! PS I don't think we get exact waitlist rank numbers, but Director Walker mentioned those top 10 on the waitlist get emails so they can start preparing
  7. Hi all! My application was verified 8/24, and I haven't heard anything since. Not even a confirmation that they received my completed app. Is this the same for everyone else? I've tried emailing and calling (twice) but haven't heard back. Just wondering if this is normal or a gentle denial. I don't want to seem too pushy by calling again. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  8. For those put on the interview waitlist, did you wrote a letter of intent style response or just a simple "yes I would like to be put on the interview waitlist?"
  9. Does anyone know the date range for when they are holding interviews? ie when is the soonest interview date and the latest?
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