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  1. The waitlist is also rolling. Last year we had a few (3 or 4) get off the waitlist throughout the even 1 week before school started (someone got off the waitlist to their top school last minute). So I would hold out hope a little longer while you send your application out for the next cycle. They just finished their last interview a week or two ago so I think they're just now considering waitlist. Fingers crossed you get in!
  2. Search "Touro University Joint MSPAS/MPH Class of 2024 Students" if you have been admitted and confirmed Touro
  3. Hi EP, Most students live on Mare Island, in Vallejo, or Benicia. If admitted, you'll have access to TUConnect which has a lot of listings for rooms on Mare Island. I hope this helps!
  4. To those who have confirmed Touro as their choice of school for this coming year (as the class of 2024). If you would like to be added to the class facebook group, search for Touro University Joint MSPAS/MPH Class of 2024 Students and request to be added. You will be cross referenced to the admitted student list (please don't add if you haven't confirmed) then added. Here you can start networking with your future classmates, find roommates for the coming year, and continue getting excited for your PA journey. We are so excited to have you and get to meet you all this fall. To those still
  5. When I was in the process last year there was no other way to check your status. Touro moves slower than most schools with the application process. It is normal to wait months before you are asked for your supplemental. You could email Ms. Bible but I would just try to hold out for now.
  6. I can't say for sure but I don't think they accept anyone from the waitlist until interviews are done, and the April/May date they gave coincides with the last of the interviews so I wouldn't imagine to hear back from the school before then. I hope that helps.
  7. Hi Newbie! Congrats on your acceptance! Thats a really big deal! There is not currently a facebook group as less than half of your class has been accepted so far - Touro tends to hav later interviews than most programs - you were one of the early ones. We will have one up for you some time in the next few months once more of your classmates have been accepted. I do know there are a few people who follow this discussion who have also been accepted so you can always try to connect on here.
  8. Hello Everyone, I apologize that this forum has not been updated much from this account. This account belongs to the current VP for the first year class here at Touro. We change hands in the middle of the Fall term and things get transferred gradually. Apologies aside, I wanted to let everyone know that if they have any questions about the application process, school, or anything else Touro that they can message me and I will try my best to have an answer to you by the end of the week. I will be checking this account once a week on weeks without a major exam, so I will try to be avai
  9. Hey Future PA, I am the current VP for the PA class here at Touro. In my experience, they do interviews in groups, though I believe they are multiple times in a month, maybe one or two. Most interviews will happen this year, they always interview on the later side. I submitted my secondary app sometime in late November, early December, and didn't get invited to my interview until February for a March interview. In my case, the interview was pushed to April because of quarantine. After the interview, they get back to you within a matter of days and Grace, our program director, calls
  10. Hi Candice, I am the current VP for the PA class. Check out my most recent posts in this thread regarding timelines. I would expect to hear back some time in the next few weeks, this delay is normal.
  11. Hi Atlas, I am the current VP for the first year PA class. In my experience, I submitted my supplemental around the same time you did and wasn't offered an interview until mid - late February. The school is small and the administrators have been swamped making changes constantly because of COVID, so I am sure they are taking a little extra time. That being said they all really put a lot of time and energy into the applications and interviews so I am sure they are prioritizing your applications as well. Try to be patient, you should hear back from them in the next few weeks.
  12. Hi Alden, I am the current VP for the PA class. In my experience, I waited about 3-4 months to hear back from the school between supplemental and interview. I was asked for a supplemental in Nov/Dec, and Asked to interview in the middle part of February. It is an agonizing wait, but it was worth it! I hope this is helpful.
  13. Hi everyone! I'm the Vice President of the MSPAS/MPH Class of 2022 and I'll be checking the forum periodically to answer any questions that I can. Congratulations to all of you applying this year. That in itself is a huge accomplishment. I'm not far removed from the process so I know what you're going through. Stay encouraged and continue to be genuine to yourself throughout this process. Let me know if you have any questions and good luck!
  14. To those who have received acceptance letters/phone calls, you can find more information regarding the FB page in the forum linked to this post. Congrats!!! I looking forward to hearing from you!!!
  15. Hi Nicolette! Congrats on your acceptance! We are so excited for you to join our program and we are looking forward to meeting you and all your future classmates. There is a topic in this forum titled Accepted where I've posted more information regarding the FB page and process to get added. Here is the link to the FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2795721853811355/. Please refer to the Accepted forum topic (linked below) for more details. Again, welcome to the Class of 2023!!!
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