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  1. I just received an email last week that I was waitlisted
  2. That is so amazing!! I am so excited for you congratulations! I am hoping for the same thing, my waitlist letter came in on Monday
  3. Does anyone know what the start date is for the class entering in January?
  4. I just spoke to a current student who said all the calls have gone out unfortunately
  5. Has anyone heard anything? I feel like yesterday we heard much more. Just feeling anxious about the silence lol
  6. They should be calling through today! I believe the calls began yesterday around 1:00pm, so hopefully we will hear back today!
  7. I thought they call through tomorrow as well. Don't give up hope yet! I haven't!
  8. I am not sure! You could definitely call and ask. However, since not many other people have posted I'm sure they're not sending them out all at once.
  9. Yes! I called a few weeks ago or so to see when the non alumni would hear back ?
  10. Just received my interview invitation for November 2nd! Could not be happier ?
  11. Just received my interview invite for 11/18! I am so thrilled! If any one is interested in splitting a hotel room please message me ?
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