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  1. Just received the call from Dr. Childers that I was accepted!
  2. Just received my invitation to interview but won’t be taking it since I was accepted to my top school. Hope this gives someone else the chance!
  3. Was just accepted off of the waitlist but will be declining due to acceptance of my top school! Hope this helps someone else on here!!
  4. For those who have been accepted and continue to be accepted I made a facebook group so we can start mingling! It’s called “Bay Path PA Program Class of 2020” and here’s the link: https://m.facebook.com/groups/303517880163632 So excited to meet everyone!!
  5. I believe that their last interview date was yesterday (10/16), does anyone know when they will be giving us our rank on the waiting list? I was waitlisted from the 9/11 interview.
  6. Just received my invitation to interview on November 12th!
  7. It was a group interview with a medical terminology test and a writing sample. They only take 18 students and they made it seem like most of us won’t be hearing back until January unless you really really stuck out in the interview. They never specified how many seats were left but one professor thought there were only one or two offered seats from the previous interview. Goodluck on your interview!
  8. Just received a call today for an interview next Friday October 13th. What was the interview like? Does anyone have any idea how many were already accepted?
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