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  1. I will be giving up my seat for a different program, best of luck to the lucky one who gets chosen for it, and best of luck to all of you in your careers! :)
  2. What is the acme online training? Also, I reached out to the staff to see if we needed a clinical or anything specific and this is the form I was sent (attached). I'm thinking we will all receive this form in the future but if you wanted to get something else checked off, this is something to complete! << Side topic >> does anyone know the area of Midland or know some safe apartments? I'm not sure I will be able to fly in to see the apartments, so I'm curious if anyone knows of some that several students live in. I know of sundance creek, but I was curious if anyone knew any others! Thank you all for your help! TTUHSC SHP immunization requirements.doc
  3. Originally the current students said late December/January... doesn't answer your question exactly but my guess would be within a month or so time.
  4. Interviewed on 11/16 and received an email today with an admissions offer!
  5. Hi there! I also haven't received the packet yet, I was thinking that it would likely come Monday or Tuesday this week! I'm excited to meet you all though too!
  6. I was apart of the 11/11 session, and Professor Kazik called me yesterday as well! Congrats everyone, and best of luck to all waiting! :D
  7. I don't have any thoughts on whether it's okay or not to request a status update, but in the initial email I got it stated that interviews will be offered from September through the end of November, so if you haven't heard interview/denial then it is likely you are still in the running! Don't lose hope! I would suggest if you haven't heard into December then maybe give them a call and make sure your application has not been misplaced. I hope this helps!
  8. Hey everyone- Stay positive! My application was completed on July 12th for St. Petes campus, and I heard back today that my application is under process! Most universities start making final decisions around late January (from what I'm seeing at least, and those candidates receiving acceptance right after an interview are very special candidates!). Also some schools pack in several interview groups in a short amount of time rather than one session per month all fall. Sit tight, the waiting game is just beginning... there is the waiting after the interview too- which is even harder to get through! Hope this helps some people. Moral of the story is they are reviewing your application, just sit tight!
  9. I applied the first week of July and also haven't heard anything back yet...
  10. CONGRATS MARK! How exciting for you and your family that you got in! I haven't heard anything yet, I'm hoping this week sometime!
  11. Thank you! I received my invite on 9/4/17. In an email I received last week stated this is the "second cohort of students" interviewing for the 2018 class. Not sure if this helps your nerves at all with the waiting game...
  12. I have an interview on OCT 13th as well and I'm super excited- flights, car and hotel booked! I'm from Milwaukee, WI.
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