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  1. Congrats! I don’t believe there is a Facebook group for the class of 2021 yet. I have also been accepted.
  2. Got an interview invite! Does anyone know how many people they interview?
  3. I’m interviewing on the 16th. Does anyone know how many people they interview?
  4. Got an interview invite for the 2nd in the afternoon! For the people who already interviewed do you have any tips and did the interviews last the entire time?
  5. Has anyone heard anything about the November interview dates?
  6. I also got accepted to Trine after being waitlisted last year!
  7. I am also a CMU alumni and I have not heard back yet. I got an email on 9/4 stating that all my application materials were received.
  8. @KP5537 @Hilldon0123 Congrats on being accepted! When did you resubmit your application? I was also on the waitlist for Trine during the last cycle, and I just submitted my app for the class of 2019.
  9. I just saw that they were opening a program too! I'm also curious about the prereqs and if they will be using CASPA this cycle? Hopefully, they have more information soon, I think this could be a really good program
  10. How many people are they accepting for the upcoming class?
  11. Does anyone know if GVSU will send out an email to the alternates when the class is full?
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