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  1. Does anyone know when they notify you if you were accepted?
  2. Is this rolling admissions once you interview or do they not fill seats until all interviews are completed?
  3. Has anyone from the second round of interviews heard back yet?
  4. If anyone hears back from the 6/15 interview let me know! I still never got the follow up survey that they talked about.
  5. Hello all! I will be interviewing the 15th. Since I am out of town I was going to check out the area after the interview, if anyone else is up for lunch and some exploring let me know :)
  6. Do you guys mind posting or messaging me your stats? I am looking to see if I am competitive.
  7. I will be coming from Philadelphia! Super anxious to hear back, good luck to you all :)
  8. For those who were accepted, do you mind posting your stats?
  9. how long did it take you to hear back? i just submitted everything yesterday
  10. How long did it take to hear back, i just submitted everything yesterday
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