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  1. I’ve been accepted elsewhere, so I declined my interview for January 27th and another spot should be opening up. Best of luck to those interviewing!
  2. I was offered an invitation, but also turned it down because I was already accepted elsewhere, so another spot will be opening up. Good luck!
  3. I will also be giving up my spot. I was accepted to another school in my home state! So someone off the waitlist can expect an acceptance soon. Merry Christmas!
  4. Was it the school of nursing or graduate admissions office that sent the email? Because apparently the graduate admissions office closes today at 5 until January.
  5. No, but it may be a good idea to call and let the rest of us know for the sake of gray hair and anxiety haha. although looking at last years posts, quarter ended on the 9th but they received emails on the 16th.
  6. I’m really hoping so too. My anxiety is through the roof!
  7. No. Anything important enough to go in a cover letter should have gone in the supplemental essays (in my opinion).
  8. Rejected. Devastated myself, but happy for those who were accepted. You will all make incredible PA’s.
  9. Still nothing. Looks like we will be waiting until tomorrow.
  10. Any indication of time frame for finding out about getting an interview?
  11. I was accepted. I interviewed on November 3rd in the morning group, and was notified via phone call and then follow up email on the 5th.
  12. Crossing my fingers for an email today. The anticipation is killing me!
  13. I know SMU does interviews incredibly late in the cycle, but I still haven't even received a confirmation email from this school that they have received my app. Anyone else in the same boat?
  14. Regarding the social from 5-7, are we invited to bring significant others with us? My fiancé is flying in with me from California to check out the area (never been to salt lake), so I’m curious what the norm is for this “social” event! Anyone who has interviewed here already, please weigh in :)
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