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  1. It should be soon y'all. Interviews are only a few weeks away! Good luck to all! I only know when interviews are bc current students help w/them, I have no idea exactly when they're sending out invites - Current WSU PAS student
  2. Last year they were sent all at once! Good luck ?
  3. Crying because I JUST GOT MY EMAIL. I GOT IN ! Ahhhh.
  4. Congrats to those accepted today! Did you all interview in August or October? Thank you!
  5. Nope & they said two weeks, so we've still got some time ! ?
  6. As someone who's already interviewed, I think it's fair we all go in with the same amount of information to keep the playing field even. The interview format was new for this year, so we didn't have any extra insight going in either. Good luck all!
  7. pretty much every school tries to make it as "relaxed" as possible - it's always going to be a high stress situation, especially your first one! But it's not that bad. Just do your best to be on time, be prepared & be yourself ?
  8. Nope - but as this is a such a strong program I don't think they move through their waitlist much, which means they don't have a very long one. Just a thought~
  9. Sure - my GPA & GRE are the same as they were last year, 3.6 GPA & 312, 4.5 GRE Pretty much everything else changed. I have another years worth of clinical experience, shadowing, research, and volunteer experience. I also am now a member of MAPA & AAPA this year & I built stronger relationships with my letter writers - resulting in 3 stronger letters, one from a PA.
  10. Last year I got a rejection, this year an interview ? so there's always hope. Last year my rejection came on 9/26 by the way. Good luck all !
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