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  1. I just got pulled off the waitlist today! Has there been a Facebook group made or anything like that! Just want to try to meet everyone before classes start so soon!
  2. Has anyone who was placed on the waitlist been pulled off yet?? When I emailed them after being waitlisted they said it would be an active waitlisted but I haven't heard anything yet
  3. Does anyone know how many seats they have for the program this year? I know it is around 40-45 but not sure exactly how many.
  4. I know last year they had interviews until October 20th but has anyone interviewed after October 5th this year?
  5. Has anyone who interviewed Sunday got a call this morning? Trying to see if they started the calls yet haha
  6. Did you get a rejection email or did you just hear there are only two rounds of interviews??
  7. Has anyone heard how many seats have been filled so far? I interviewed back in July and was just wondering what the chances were of getting in at this point! Thanks!!
  8. Middle of July and I got a thank you for applying email and a set up your applicant portal email on 8/14/18. Then I received an email saying my application was under review on 8/22/18.
  9. I got an email with a application portal log in and it says my application is complete and under review!
  10. Looking at the thread last year it looks like some people heard for interviews as early as August 11th and then some heard like August 25th. We will probably hear soon for some people!
  11. Does anyone who has been accepted know how many seats have been filled already??
  12. I was not offered admission but just interview again with them on Tuesday last week. Some people I know were offered admission off the waitlist in like October and November last year. They do not rank their waitlist also so you don’t have a place on the list they just rereview periodically throughout the fall.
  13. Hi!! Last year Bridgeport notified me when I was waitlisted a week after my interview!
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