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  1. I turned mine in last Wednesday and received the confirmation this Tuesday.
  2. Hey Caitlyn, I just received the confirmation email about my deposit today. I made the deposit last Wednesday.
  3. Hi Amy. You live really close to me! I live in Garden Grove!
  4. Hello! I'm Jenny, and I'm from the OC! How long did it take for you guys to receive your confirmation email after paying the $500 deposit? I paid, but haven't received anything yet. Has anyone been added to the FB group yet?
  5. I interviewed on 2/27 as well, and I received an acceptance call from Grace about 2 hours ago!! I'm excited to meet everyone!!
  6. Does anyone know if SMU is still sending out interview invites? I submitted my CASPA on 9/19 and have not heard anything back yet...
  7. I'm from the 12/9 interview and have not heard back yet. The anxiety is killing me. Fingers crossed for the both of us!!
  8. Hi, I have an interview on 2/8. I have emailed the University to confirm my interview date and have yet to receive a confirmation. I tried calling their office this morning and it went to voicemail saying they are on winter break vacation still (despite saying they will be back 1/2). Has anyone gotten a confirmation from them yet? I'm just paranoid... Also, will they be sending us an itinerary? I'm not from the area, so I'm not quite sure where to book the hotel and etc.
  9. No, there isn't. I also received this email after I submitted my application. But then I received a follow-up email saying that they received my application and that it's under review. So you're good!
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