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  1. I’ve been rejected yesterday too guys, but have been accepted to one of my top schools as well. I applied early July and didn’t receive an interview, but I’m also out of state.
  2. I received a waitlist notification about an hour ago, so keep your phone close by! They still may be accepting a few more students
  3. I believe I’ve read somewhere that they start in January.
  4. I’m in the same boat as well. My interview is next week but haven’t received anything else neither, plus I live on the east coast and so I wanted to clarify the time zone they are using when scheduling my interview. I would email Adam since yours is coming up so soon, just in case. Good luck!
  5. The application is closed for the class entering in January 2021. The next application cycle for the class entering in January 2022 will probably open in November.
  6. @giraffeisme Yes, they do. I have the same AP credit for Psych.
  7. Hello Everyone, I just came across this thread while searching the interwebs. Congrats to everyone who has received an interview invite as well! Has anyone else received an email to set up a CSUMB account? I was unsure what to do after doing so.
  8. I've recently ordered this book: The Applicant's Manual of Physician Assistant Programs 2017 by Mark Volpe, PA-C. Has anyone had any success using the first edition of this book for program searching and the application cycle? And how accurate and up-to-date was the information in the book? Thanks!
  9. I just wanted a little advice on what class I should choose that would prepare me the most for PA school or would look the best on my transcript. I have to take one of them to graduate, so I might as well take one that'd put me in a better standing. The classes are: BioChem II Cell & Molecular Biology Animal Physiology Any advice is great! Thanks!
  10. Hello, I am a senior college student aiming to obtain my bachelor of science in Biology this coming spring (May 2018). I've recently decided to pursue the PA profession and would like an idea of how I would look upon application, though I don't plan on applying until April 2019. I would like to build my application more before I apply. Any suggestions/advice on what I should do and how I'd look upon applying would be great. Planned graduating cGPA: 3.58-3.61 Current cGPA: 3.53 Planned sGPA: 3.59-3.64 Current sGPA: 3.59 Planned HCE upon application: 2,200
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