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  1. Hello meka95, 

    I am currently applying to Towson this cycle and saw that you went through the whole cycle last year.  I saw that you were very positive about the entire process but I don't know if you were accepted or not but if you could give me any information on what the interview process was like and any stats you are willing to share. 

    Thank you. 

  2. Hi, meka95! Did you get accepted?


  3. @PAoptim Wowsa!!!! I definitely would’ve gone crazy by now. You have the patience of a saint! I’m not sure which is best, hearing nothing or getting waitlisted.... they both are almost unbearable. But they are still not a no! So there’s hope for us yet!! Hang in there, my friend! ??
  4. Lol!! It’s super quiet! I’m on the waitlist..... which is kinda driving me crazy. Maybe I’m not the only one.
  5. Hello, future PAs!!!! Anymore good news out there? I just had my interview on 9/12.....so I’m just basically stalking my email!!!! Did anyone else interview that day? Does anyone have an upcoming interview? Btw.... hope all is well with each of you! ??????
  6. @jharlo1 First and foremost, ???CONGRATULATIONS!!! ??? Secondly, Thank you soooooooo much! I truly appreciate your response! I’ve been preparing for a couple months but I just keep sensing that being myself and speaking from my heart is the way to go. I keep brushing up on key questions but I just can’t get myself to memorize answers or focus too intently on scouting for questions. So, I completely understand your advice! Was there any question that caught you off guard? I guess I’m just worrying at this point. ?? Mostly though, I’m just excited that I’ve made it this far and super humbl
  7. Hello and Congrats! Hopefully someone here on the feed who also had an interview yesterday can help you out! Maybe if all else fails you can call and ask for the names of the interviewers from 8/29 stating that you have something you’d like to send them. ??? My interview is 9/12, you probably don’t want to wait that long but I can give you the names of the interviewers on that day if you haven’t secured them by then. ? If you don’t mind me asking, how did it go? What did you wear? And do you have any tips or insights for those of us yet to come? How did you prepare for your questi
  8. I hope I get to meet some of you guys! ? If not at the interview, hopefully once we are ALL accepted! ??? There’s only a handful of us following this thread so it could happen that way! ????????
  9. Oh yes, my friend. This process will push your patience to the outer brink! Hang in there! It took about a month for me to receive the under review email from the date of my caspa verification. ????
  10. @ktapple MY FRIEND!!! (Thank you ?) and...... I got my interview date this morning by email! Which means yours is coming too!!!!!!! My date is 9/12! Positive vibes, positive thoughts, positive results!!! #wegotthis @lucienPAhopeful @moon5 Yay!!! Friends.... finally! I sure hope to join you LucienPAhopeful on the accepted team!
  11. @ktapple My friend! ????? I’ve heard nothing! And yes, we are on the same timeline. I finally got a response from Mrs. Fields and it was a generic email with no new info, much like the first one you get when your Caspa app is received. I’m literally going nuts!!!! But last night, I decided to just trust the process. We have to be positive and remember that we were selected to complete supplemental apps, so the interview date will come. ??????? In the meantime, whenever you feel yourself nearing the edge of the cliff, just message me! ???? #wewillmakeit
  12. ???????? CONGRATS!!!!! ??????????????????????????????????
  13. ??? CONGRATS!!!!!! ??? YAY!!!! ???????????????????????????????????
  14. Never give up on your dream. You will find the right program for you. ??
  15. Hello ? The next thing to do is join in with us and drive yourself nuts waiting ?????? Once your Caspa app is verified, you’ll get an email that they’ve received your app. Based on what I’ve read in previous years’ threads, you have most likely just made it in. I think most August applications are not considered, sadly. I’m sending positive vibes your way, my friend! Hang in there. ????
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