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  1. I haven't heard of that course. I will look into it more. The way you're describing it seems good, but the way the UNE course goes seems like it would be a better fit because it is self paced, and it seems I just have to follow the good material given.
  2. Very good, I am going to take my chances and go for it. I think I should be able to do just fine. Thanks for the help!
  3. I think I was confusing myself and thinking too in depth about it. I see now - it might be an imaging science course, but because the course title is management, it would not fall under other science. Thanks for the help!
  4. Wow, if that is the case I may be way better off than I thought. One of my courses is imaging sciences - 442 - management. That just seems weird that course would be considered a science course, but hey, whatever works lol
  5. So, basically by my understanding, as long as the course codes say nuclear, imaging science, health sciences, radiology, etc., then those should all technically be label as "other science."
  6. Besides the typical Bio/chem/physics science courses, what other courses would be considered a "science" or "other science?" I went to school for nuclear medicine which had a bunch of classes like seminar, pet/ct, nuc med protocols, and clinical; the same goes for my b.s. degree in imaging sciences. I know CASPA says "radiology" courses under other science, but that is kind of vague. Any idea if any of the courses i listed would be considered "other science?"
  7. I emailed the director of the course, he said, "Those courses listed are RECOMMENDED, but not absolutely REQUIRED." I asked if technically I could apply without taking it and he said, "Technically...Yes, but we do not recommend it!"
  8. @Maynard - How was the UNE course? Are there lectures, tutorials, quizzes, exercises, etc., or is it just read the book, and take the tests?
  9. @TheLastStone UNE does not require orgo, but just recommends it. It is also a regionally accredited course. I will have a whole semester dedicated to biochem just because it is a main prereq,and because I work full-time, and I do not want anything getting in the way of me getting an A.
  10. Thank you for all the replies! I have heard mixed reviews on whether taking Orgo is actually necessary before taking biochem. @rosebud- How was the UNE course? Did they provide you with all the info needed to succeed without having taken an Orgo course? I went over the link that you posted, and correct me if I am wrong, but it seems like it says there is no correlation between taking Orgo before biochem and succeeding, but there is a strong correlation in GPA and biochem, basically meaning if you're a good student and try hard, you'll do good in the class without taking Orgo first.
  11. So, I need to take biochem as a prereq for most PA schools, and I am planning on taking UNE online biochem course. Only problem is I have not taken Orgo, and I do not see any Orgo prereq on the UNE website. So, my community college offers a combined survey course of Orgo and biochem that seems like a pretty good option before I take biochem. Do any of you feel this is a good idea? Should I just go straight for the UNE online biochem course, or should I just take Orgo 1?
  12. Thanks guys! I am looking to apply ASAP in 2018 as soon as applications open. I am currently studying the Magoosh GRE prep and plan to take it early next year. I will keep those schools in mind. My hope would be to stay in Illinois, but I am open to other options as well. Any advice on how to go about writing my personal statement? I do come from a background of a single parent, poverty stricken household, and have had obstacles in life.
  13. Thank you for the reply and words of encouragement! I will have to look into those schools. Judging by some of the non-traditionals I have seen post on here that share a similar background as me, I may have a decent shot, and that helps keep me positive. Did you come from a similar background as well? Good luck in school!
  14. Thank you for the wise words of encouragement, and you're completely right. I am still continuing to grow and learn, and I am dedicated and motivated to continue my path towards becoming a PA.
  15. Wow! Very impressive! I wish I had a resume like that. I think it is safe to say you were in the top percentile of PA students accepted.
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