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  1. Hello all! I am set to graduate from Cornell's PA program in NYC in May of next year and am currently leaning towards moving to the CA Bay Area after graduation. However I have been hearing some people say that PAs are not utilized very well in CA compared to in the east coast. I am interested in going into a surgery specialty and based on the experience of new grads from my program, it seems that everyone has a very easy time getting a good new grad offer in surgical specialties at big, reputable hospitals in NYC. I am scared that this might not be the case in CA and wanted to see if any PAs in CA are able to comment on the matter, thanks!
  2. Hi, I'm currently a first year in the program! Even though Cornell's program is labeled as having a surgical focus, it definitely does not mean that everyone has to go into surgery! In past years there's usually been maybe half (or less than half) of the class that will go into surgery while everyone else goes into a medicine specialty. That being said, we do get a looooot more exposure to surgery and what it means to be a surgical PA. We take a surgery class throughout all 3 terms in didactic year while other PA schools might only get a few lectures on surgery. Our surgery instructor is a surgical PA pro who is super passionate about surgery and loves teaching (he might even change your mind about surgery). But I don't believe that it subtracts from us learning about all the other topics that other PA schools cover (we just end up learning more hah). I think this is a huge plus because Cornell equips you with a whole other skillset that other schools would not be able to give you and it doesn't hurt to broaden your training even if you don't end up going into surgery. And if you do choose surgery then you most definitely have a huuuuuuge edge up over anyone else from other PA schools. Also in terms of whether or not attending Cornell undergrad helps for admissions, I'm not entirely sure if that's something they weigh heavily but there is one girl in our class who also went to Cornell undergrad!
  3. That is correct, Cornell typically holds interview sessions up until December or so and secondaries can get sent out pretty randomly.
  4. @MaiCO At the interview session they had a presentation about tuition and financial aid. They mentioned that there are the typical scholarships (merit-based), grants (need-based), and loans. They said they will notify people if they have received a scholarship when they send the acceptance letter. But also not to expect too much from scholarships as the pool of money they have from that right now is not as big as they'd like.
  5. @curitibaPA Similar to what everyone else has said, the interview was very standard and relaxed. Super standard questions that you've practiced during your interview prep. I had 3 people on my panel (1 faculty, 1 Stanford PA, and 1 PA student)
  6. Gave up my spot so hopefully someone will be getting an acceptance soon!
  7. Oh my bad you're right there are 36. I forgot to count myself hah. But yes I do also know someone currently in the program who was accepted off the waitlist so there is hope! Not sure about the process or if it is ranked though, sorry.
  8. They recently sent an email to the people who were accepted and there were 35 recipients on the thread. I'm not sure what they decided the final class size would be. But regardless there is still the possibility of being accepted off the waitlist if there is any movement. Hope that helps!
  9. I interviewed on 8/17 and I got accepted yesterday morning!
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