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  1. Thanks for the input, yes I am aware that the interviewing skills maybe lacking and will work on that. I felt confident on 2 out of the 3 interviews I had. I just hope that when you are invited to an interview that you have a chance regardless of what your other stats are. I am aware about the HCE hours but CASPA has a catgeory for that so I figured they were worth listing. I feel my grades are fine I have been told that they are a little above the average. I feel in some ways it is hard to tell where you stand with PCE hours unless the school lists the mean, the average can be really skewed by applicants with say 10 years of work experience. My 500 hours at the time I applied was the bare minumum for some schools so I knew this could be an issue. My plan is to accure as many as I can before the next cycle and beyond. The MLS is a good fall back for me. I see a lot of accepted students have taken medical mission trips and wonder if this is something else I should consider. Thanks again. This really is a journey and for all that are accepted it really is a testament for their hard work.
  2. Stats B.S. Medical Laboratory Science (ASCP certification) cGPA 3.70 sGPA 3.55 Non Science 4.0 1400 Patient Care hours as a patient care technician in ICU. 640 Hours HCE as a Student intern for Medical Laboratory Science. 115 Shadowing 200 Volunteer Hours non-health care This current cycle applied to 15 schools with a little above 500 PCH and a couple of pending classes, and received 3 interviews which resulted in 2 rejections and 1 waitlist. I am looking for ways to increase my chances for the next cycle, what can I do to stand out, should I continue to accumulate patient care hours or work as a Medical Technologist for 2.5 times the pay?
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