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  1. I think people have until April to accept or decline...or at least that is what I remember from my paperwork. Hope this helps!
  2. Accepted with scholarship! Now on to finding some more funding! Congrats to everyone and Happy Holidays!
  3. I do think it is kinda lame to send out an email with the "field feeder" still in the email; then follow that up with an impersonal "Dear applicant" response; and a third email to apologize for the first one. I am sure someone on the admin end of that heard an earful at least. I would hope it was an honest technical mistake by someone on the staff. There is no way to recover from that, and it seems that efforts only made things worse. To those that got the horrible emails, Good luck! I felt like I met some pretty amazing and motivated people on my interview day. You will get to where you should be on the timeline that it is intended. It's not the end of the world, and I am sure you will catch on somewhere soon! I got a supplemental application invite. And congratulations to those that are doing supplementals, maybe we'll be classmates soon!
  4. Just be yourself...they are very interested if they invited you there. It is a pretty low-pressure situation.
  5. Will be in Sac on the 19th for 20th interview day. Would love to meet up. Thanks UCD first years!
  6. FNP applicant here. Got the interview email about 30 minutes ago. Will be there for candidate interview/preview day 10/20/2017.
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