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  1. I'm not 100% sure, so this would be a question for the school itself, but I am guessing not. The program starts at the end of May (orientation), so March interviews would be pretty late. From what I can see, our class page has 36 students, which is the cap for the class. Obviously this is just people who have paid deposits, though, so it could always change if they decide to attend somewhere else, which is still very possible.
  2. I was accepted and paid my deposit for this program back in August. I was pretty disappointed when I got a call about the probation status, but from what I understand, the only reason they received this status has something to do with how they report their statistics. They were not asked to change anything about the curriculum or how the program is structured, meaning they're still doing everything right on the academic side (with 100% pass rate and employment rate for the past 2 years). I ended up doing a lot of research through the ARC-PA site and others and found that "as long as the program is accredited at the day you matriculate, you are eligible to sit for the PANCE." Even though the "probation" title looks scary, it IS still a form of accreditation. The only people who could be affected are those who will matriculate 2 years from now, and they will only be affected if the program happens to not fix what they were asked to fix and are moved to a withdrawn accreditation status at the ne. It seems pretty unlikely that they wouldn't pass the second time around, especially because the changes they were asked to make sound simple and don't involve the curriculum. A lot of forum posts I've read actually encouraged people to apply to programs with probation status because often these are the programs who will strive the hardest to ensure all their students are beyond prepared for the PANCE. I still do not regret my decision to attend this program over "ranked" programs I was accepted to as I still feel that this faculty is far and beyond that of other programs. Hope this helps!
  3. I just received an email that my decision was available online and I was placed on the waitlist. Anybody that was waitlisted last year have any insight as to how soon the first people will get off the waitlist or how long I should wait? I have my spot held at another school that starts at the same time, and while I would attend GW over this program in a heartbeat, there's only so long that I can wait before trying to find a roommate/apartment and applying for scholarships... any advice is super helpful!
  4. When i interviewed, some of the current students told me they didn't interview until January. They never told us any specific number of interviews, but I would assume that as long as they haven't filled the class, they will be holding more interviews!
  5. I believe they said they usually have 4 total interview dates with 60 people interviewed at each. (This may have changed though, I'm not sure). I declined my acceptance to attend another program. I received a call first (about 1.5 weeks after the interview) and then an email afterwards. The interview day was about 7-8 hours total and was split into two groups. My group had interviews in the morning (1 individual, 1 group) and then a tour with students after lunch. CASPA submitted: June 12 Interview date: August 25 Accepted: September 5
  6. I'm not sure how many interviews they will be holding in total, but my interview session was the first one, and there were about 16-18 of us at that interview. Pretty sure the total class size is 36 and as of right now the size of the Facebook page of students who have paid their deposits is still less than that. Good luck to everyone still interviewing, the faculty are amazing and the interview day is very relaxed and comfortable. CASPA submitted: June 12 Interview date: August 4 Accepted: August 4
  7. Undergrad Institution: University of Virginia Major: Biology Age at time of application: 21 (turned 22 during interview process) Cumulative GPA: 3.51 (although the GPA summary on CASPA lists my "overall" as 3.65, so I'm not sure what that means.) Science GPA: 3.48 (BCP 3.45) GRE: Verbal-161, Quantitative-165, Writing- 4.5 Direct patient care: 1530 hours (3 total years) as an EMT. (I also began working as an ED scribe, which some schools count, but I had just started during the application process so I only listed 120 hours of this and didn't label it as patient care). Volunteer: 2 trips with the UVA chapter of Global Medical/Dental Brigades (1 as the brigade leader), and 1 year as VP for the chapter. 1 trip as volunteer for the Remote Area Medical Corps in Wise, VA. Research: 2.5 years (about 1520 total hours) undergrad research at the Cardiovascular Research Center of the UVA School of Medicine. 8 weeks as a Clinical Research Intern with Valley Health. Shadowing: 320 hours shadowing through my internship (not all PAs). Extracurricular: ISC Scholarship Board member, member of Sigma Kappa Sorority, UVA Club Swim, Madison house volunteer corps (tutor for 3 years). Memberships: American Academy of Physician Assistants (affiliate member, pre-pa). Schools Applied: Quinnipiac University, Duke University, George Washington University, Jefferson College, Shenandoah University, Eastern Virginia Medical School, Johnson & Wales University. Attempt: First Denied: Quinnipiac Interviews: Jonson & Wales, Shenandoah, Jefferson, George Washington (Oct 21) Acceptances: Johnson & Wales, Shenandoah, Jefferson This just shows that it is definitely NOT all about GPA (and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!). Experience is also really important, and using these during my interview proved to be really helpful. That being said, having a higher GRE score to even out a lower GPA is also helpful (my situation is an example).
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