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  1. Nothing yet from August interview. Hopefully some of us hear soon!
  2. I applied and was verified by May 10th. Is anyone else going to be at the interview next Friday, September 13th?
  3. Received an interview invite today for an interview on September 13th, Next Friday. I am not an in-state applicant.
  4. Hello! I have my interview coming up August 15th. For those that have already interviewed, are there any reading or additional information sent to us that could be used for the writing sample? Every school I have interviewed at has been general interview type questions for the writing portion, but I just want to make sure I am not missing anything on my e-mails that I should be reading prior to interview day. I have heard that some programs will send out an article to read. THX!
  5. I had issues with the supplemental right when it went live, but tried again today and was able to complete it and have successfully submitted my secondary to PSU. I am not a PSU alumni, so I went with the normal way of signing in.
  6. I would assume not since their websites states that all prerequisites must be completed by the time the application is submitted. If you are still not sure on deadlines, email them.
  7. For everyone worrying about whether or not they have been denied, please stop worrying. This school in particular has only sent out two rounds of interviews (July and August) and it is still extremely early in the interviewing season. I know that it can be difficult to know and to wait, especially if this is your first year applying, but the committees work really hard to look at everyone's applications, and it often times takes months to hear back from schools, even from schools with rolling admissions. Don't assume that because you haven't heard anything that it would be considered bad, because your application matters! Take some time away from checking your emails and be proud of yourself for finishing your applications in a timely matter!
  8. In reply to the post above; Shadowing emergency medicine PA should no doubt count towards shadowing experience. EM is considered an outpatient setting. Hope that helps you!
  9. Received an interview invite today for August 15th! Anyone else planning on being there?
  10. Before submitting your scores again I would just double check with the program that 7442 is the only place to send your GRE scores. I will keep everyone updated when I hear back from them regarding the e-mail I just sent them on this issue.
  11. Good luck everyone! This process is extremely draining so try to stay positive throughout! CASPA and Supplemental Submitted and Verified May 20th. First Choice, Seattle and second choice, Tacoma.
  12. Don't worry about the spacing. It is a CASPA thing, and I am sure the programs are aware of that. Everyones will show up like that to them. It does that for all supplemental questions for all programs.
  13. For the explanation section I think what they want is for you to explain the hours? It wasn't very clear, but because the description is the job description I used the explanation section to explain how I am completing my hours. For example, for a per diem job the explanation may be, "work as needed or as available." For a full time job, maybe describe the amount of hours per pay period. Again, it is hard to say what exactly they want there. If you have more questions just send a quick email to them and maybe ask them to clarify, otherwise maybe it'll let you leave it blank.
  14. Hello! My timeline for application; CASPA Application Submitted and Verified on 05/15 Duke Receipt Verification 05/22, Received Supplemental 05/22 Supplemental Submitted and verified by Duke 05/25 Good luck Everyone!
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