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  1. If you are accepted into the PA/MPH program at Northeastern you can later decide to only matriculate into the PA program. This is on the FAQs page under the dual degree program. Just saw this thread so not sure if you already decided, but either way, good luck!
  2. The writing portion is pretty straightforward. I would make sure you are familiar with issues/strengths of the PA profession. Also be prepared to reflect on your strengths as an applicant. I cannot give specific examples because A. it wouldn't be fair, and B. I don't remember the exact questions from 4 months ago. Good luck at your interview!
  3. If anyone still hasn't heard anything I would highly suggest reaching out to the program as soon as possible. There seemed to have been errors in the system when they sent out emails.
  4. I received an interview invite for both Campus and Distance options. Waitlisted to interview for MPH/PA program. They had a major glitch in their system so I emailed Erin and checked in, and I guess they attempted to email me on December 10th with the invites. Interviews are a 2 day process, the two options given were; January 23-24, 2020 January 30-31, 2020. I look forward to meeting everyone!
  5. Classes begin September 21st, 2020. Mandatory orientation begins September 14th. This is from the e-mail I got confirming my deposit for the class.
  6. Thank you! I am crossing my fingers for you, and hope that you can join us next year. Keep us updated.
  7. ACCEPTED FROM THE AUGUST 15TH INTERVIEW! I literally could not hold back the tears, this was my third year applying and I have never felt anything like the excitement I have now. So excited to be part of the class of 2022!
  8. We are coming on to 7 weeks now and nobody has heard anything. Remaining hopeful, but we gotta be patient.
  9. This is not necessarily true. Programs normally waitlist students before the class is even full, especially if they are programs that are not in rolling admissions, like Augsburg. That usually allows for them to continue to interview candidates in multiple interview sessions while maintaining open seats in the class. The programs are constantly shuffling people on and off of the waitlist.
  10. Has anyone heard anything from August Interview yet? Its been over 5 weeks.
  11. Nothing yet from August interview. Hopefully some of us hear soon!
  12. I applied and was verified by May 10th. Is anyone else going to be at the interview next Friday, September 13th?
  13. Received an interview invite today for an interview on September 13th, Next Friday. I am not an in-state applicant.
  14. Hello! I have my interview coming up August 15th. For those that have already interviewed, are there any reading or additional information sent to us that could be used for the writing sample? Every school I have interviewed at has been general interview type questions for the writing portion, but I just want to make sure I am not missing anything on my e-mails that I should be reading prior to interview day. I have heard that some programs will send out an article to read. THX!
  15. I had issues with the supplemental right when it went live, but tried again today and was able to complete it and have successfully submitted my secondary to PSU. I am not a PSU alumni, so I went with the normal way of signing in.
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