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  1. Do you mind sharing when you submitted your application? Also, did you apply to the Harrogate campus as well?
  2. Did anyone receive an interview at Harrogate campus, but not Knoxville or vice versa?
  3. You'll need to calculate your cumulative and science GPAs in order to really assess your competitiveness. Unless you have science grades, specifically common pre-reqs (bio, chem, etc.) less than a C, I would go for higher level classes like Ochem, immunology, genetics, and biochem. Those courses give you extra consideration at schools that don't require them and will open up your options as far as schools you can apply to. This is my 3rd cycle applying and these are some things I have learned.
  4. Does anyone know whether Milligan calculates retakes of science pre-reqs in their GPA, or just the last grade received? It makes a huge difference in my GPA for them. Any input is appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Best bet is to get it expunged from your record.
  6. I am totally at a loss as to what makes a great PS. I thought I was on track until I read your post re: not restating your resume or telling a story about working in the ED. I know this topic is well discussed here, but not necessarily from the perspective of a low GPA applicant. Any input is appreciated.
  7. I volunteered with the Remote Area Medical mission that was held on-campus this summer and stayed at the Tazewell Motor Lodge. It is very close to campus, clean, quiet and inexpensive. Small, family-run place. It is old, but perfectly adequate and safe.
  8. I certainly hope that it is not a dealbreaker. Sixteen years as an RN, 309 GRE, MBA. I was taking pre-reqs while working full-time nightshift in the ED. I also had a small child at that time.
  9. Yes, that makes sense. This is the exact information I am looking for. Thank you so much for your response.
  10. Do all schools average pre-req re-takes when evaluating your final grade in a course, or will they accept the highest grade earned? For example, if a school has a stated minimum grade of C, and the course was taken initially with a D then repeated with a C, is that acceptable? I have noticed that some schools state that the grades would be averaged, but some do not address the issue, specifically only that a grade of C is required. I just want to make sure I am not wasting my time applying when there is an unwritten policy regarding this. I am particularly interested in Lincoln Memorial University, but if anyone has any insight on this, I would appreciate hearing from you.
  11. Does anyone know if LMU averages retakes when evaluating pre-reqs, or do they use the highest grade received?
  12. There is no excuse for a nurse to refuse to follow a provider's orders. They may be jealous that you were able to make the transition from RN to PA-C and this is their way of asserting themselves or that "I know just as much as you do". I was an ED nurse at level 1 and 2 trauma centers and worked with a lot of skilled and experienced, but bitter, nurses. Just brush it off and do what you know is right for your patients.
  13. Hi, does anyone have any insight as to how the points are divided in each section of the scoring matrix? In the handbook, a breakdown of the GRE scoring is listed, but I don't see anything for GPA, volunteerism, etc. For example, if my GPA is 3.3, I am wondering how many points I would be awarded out of the potential 25. This is the first time I have looked at this program in depth and am eager to apply next cycle. Any input is appreciated.
  14. RN with 15 years of experience, an MBA and a 3.29 cGPA, but only 2.88 sGPA and I haven't been able to get an interview. GPA is, apparently, incredible important. I'm working to improve mine now, but with over 200 hours of college credits and over 80 in science, it's hard to get it to budge.
  15. Did anyone successfully apply here with one pre-requisite in progress?
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