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  1. Hi everyone, I hope this is the right thread for this. I am starting PA school in May and was wondering what current or past PA students bought for their didactic year outside of your laptop, class textbooks, and medical equipment. Did you buy a printer to print your study guides? Did you buy a bookshelf? Did you buy any supplemental books? Since my apartment comes unfurnished and I want to prepare myself as much as possible, I am wondering what kinds of furniture or other supplies are recommended for PA students. Thank you!
  2. I've been accepted to my top choice and will be withdrawing my application and cancelling my interview. Best of luck to everyone applying here this cycle!
  3. I just received my acceptance email this morning and will be accepting my seat in the class!! This was my number 1 choice so I am beyond excited!! Looking forward to meeting those of you who will be in the program in May!! Best of luck to all of the other applicants!
  4. I also have not heard anything, and I submitted my application and was verified at the end of April or early May. I even reached out to them asking for an update and was told they do not have an update at this time. No news is good news, but they have been through multiple rounds of interviews so far.
  5. I agree. I was surprised because I did not expect to hear back so soon. It may be because this is my undergraduate institution, but who knows. Best of luck to everyone applying here this cycle!
  6. Got my interview invite on this day as well! Interviewing October 4th. How about yourself?
  7. Seems like most people in this thread heard back right at two weeks post interview. I ask because my friend who graduated from here last year heard back within days of her interview! Best of luck to you!
  8. Has anyone that interviewed on 9/14/18 heard back yet? I know they said 2 weeks but I am quite anxious to hear back.
  9. I went to undergrad here and applied this cycle to their PA program. They do not do rolling admissions. Once the deadline is reached they pool all applicants and select individuals for interviews from there. Likely will not hear anything about an interview until late October.
  10. Hi everyone! For those of you who have already interviewed, how did you prepare for the MMI style? I have been practicing scenarios and how I would formulate my answer during the interview. I should clarify that I am not memorizing answers to questions, I am specifically practicing my ability to concisely formulate and concisely answer the questions/scenarios in front of me. I want my answers to sound genuine but I also do not want to talk in circles due to nerves. I interview on September 14th! Thank you in advance!
  11. Submitted Friday, verified this morning!
  12. Hi everyone, I submitted my CASPA application this past Friday and was verified this morning. I am a second time applicant and my stats have improved considerably from my first application in 2016, but am concerned for my BCP GPA. I am currently halfway completed with my MPH in Epidemiology and Global Health, to which I’ve earned a 4.0 consistently in all of my classes. BCP Total: 2.80 Science GPA: 3.27 Cumulative GPA: 3.44 How much weight is put on the BCP GPA? I don’t remember seeing this during my first application, although I could have overlooked it the first time. I am concerned that my application will be thrown out since the BCP is not at least a 3.0. As I previously stated, I have an upward trend in my grades especially within the last 60+ credit hours. Good luck to everyone applying this cycle!
  13. You and I seem to be in a similar situation with slightly different stats. After being rejected to 20/20 PA schools during my first application cycle, I was trying to decide what my next move would be. I went and gained a lot more patient contact hours (now up to about 2,000 paid, 500 unpaid) first. It seems you are in a good position for hours, but more patient care experience can only help you (and put you above the students with less hours than you). I was primarily interested in the dual degree MPH/MPAS degree but was only accepted to the stand alone MPH programs. This is the program I am in now and I am doing very well so far. I did this partially to increase my science GPA (counts as an other science category) and to earn another degree for when I try for the CDC's EIS program later in life of which an MPH or MS in epidemiology is required. Having another Masters degree can open more doors for you as someone else said above. I would advise against an associates in EMT because while it helps boost your GPA, I doubt it will give you much leverage in your PA school application. Provided you have the finances, retaking the classes you did poorly in or going for an MPH can help not only get your science GPA to where it needs to be, but also help you stand out in the application process. A number of admissions counselors have told me that earning my MPH with a high GPA will definitely make my application stand out from the thousands of Bachelor degree application they receive each year. Hope this helped.
  14. Hi everyone, I'd like to receive some advice or guidance as to the route I am taking and whether I have a good change of being interviewed and accepted to PA school. I originally applied last cycle to about 20 schools and was denied to 19 outright, was wait listed for an interview at one, and eventually notified that I was removed from the wait list and denied. Here were my stats when I applied the first time... Science GPA: 2.94 Cumulative GPA: ~3.35 GRE (2nd time taking it): 149 Verbal (43%), 153 Quantitative (52%), 4.0 Writing (60%) Patient Care Experience - 2 years as an EMT at a paid volunteer fire department, did not receive many calls here so I only received about 300 patient patient care hours, but I put in well over 3,000 hours of employment here. 5 medical mission trips throughout Central America during the entirety of my undergrad. Earned about 100 unpaid hours from each and I served as President, Treasurer, etc at different times during this as well. Other Volunteer Experience - 8 years of experience with a national organization that is similar to habitat for humanity. Spent a week each year rebuilding or fixing homes for individuals of lower socioeconomic status. Multiple volunteer experience with different organizations. In order to make this a short post I won't list them here. Shadowing 117 hours of shadowing in primary care, neurosurgery, orthopedics, pediatrics, emergency care, cardio-thoracic surgery, and a general research study shadowing. All were shadowing a PA except primary care and the research study. Achievements Who's Who Among College Students, Dean's List Three times during the last 3 semesters of my undergrad. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is what I have done since applying the first time: I decided to pursue an MPH in epidemiology (primarily infectious disease) and global health in which I am currently in a well-respected program. I will complete this in May of 2019. Provided I do well, this should boost my overall science GPA since public health counts as an other science category. I should note that I decided to go for this degree because I wanted both degrees. I worked as a full-time EMT in private, urban EMS for about a year and a half, earning 1700 paid patient contact hours and running about 660 calls during this time. My total patient care hours are now around 2500. During this time I also was promoted twice and earned two awards for excellent patient care (which really doesn't hold any weight in the real world but I figured I would include it). I went back to undergrad to finish up two additional classes (Biochemistry and a PH class) which I did very well in both which should bring me above the 3.0 minimum for most schools. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overall, what are my chances of at least being offered an interview the second time around? I do not plan on applying until my last semester in my MPH program, in order to maximize the amount of new grades that I will have. I currently am not employed, but I plan on seeking a research assistantship for next year in order to hopefully get published. I realize that the reason I was outright denied to many schools is because of the 3.0 minimum science GPA requirement and the lack of paid patient contact hours that I had. I also realize that both my science and my cumulative gpa was not competitive at the time of applying, and still isn't considering I am only in the first semester of this new program. I was also encouraged to retake the GRE in order to get over the 50th percentile in all 3 sections. Truth be told, the reason for my low GPA is due to the significant amount of fun I had during the beginning of my undergrad, which lasted for 3 to 4 semesters before I really got my act together. Unfortunately, stellar grades during the last half of my undergrad do not make up for poor grades in the beginning. Any advice, criticisms, etc are welcomed and appreciated! Thanks for reading.
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