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  1. @NCPA996 You’re in a position a lot of people would love to be in. I’d visit the schools again- I know Campbell does accepted students day and you get to interact with current students. I’m a first year now and yeah debt is scary but it will pay itself off in the long run. I don’t think that should be your determining factor. Campbell also has opportunities for varying scholarships you can apply to. one thing maybe to consider is timing of when you’ll be done. Campbell is 24 months and I think ecu is a little longer- don’t know if that’ll after your decision. Buies creek is also cheap to live in with minimal distraction to studying- have to figure out why works for you. If you have housing in the triangle area you can move there for rotations (maybe save rent)- so ideally you’re in the creek for a year. tuition is scary but I feel like I have been provided so many resources, support and really enjoy the method in which we are taught. if you have any questions feel free to reach out
  2. For those that are local! also encourage those who did not receive an interview to check out HPREP- it’s a week long session in the summer Campbell puts on
  3. The dual program is great- the interview process is the same. However during your 1:1 you’ll have a public health professor also sitting in on your interview. They award ~6 seats to dual students. In regards to how it works you’ll do a year of public health courses fall, spring, and summer and have about a week off until pa starts.
  4. They started interviews early this year. Still doing them until November/December. Congrats to those who have gotten in! There’s a fb group started for those accepted!
  5. Hey! Congrats! Dual students are supposed to present their research the week of July 15th- but we haven’t been given an official date. In the past there’s a few day break and then pa school starts so I’d say the last week in July. But I’d email Wes just to be sure. There also might be an academic schedule coming out soon. Be sure to join the facebook group and congrats again, can’t wait to meet everyone!
  6. For those who didn’t get in, I highly suggest the HPREP program. You spend a few days on campus, meet professors, get a ton of info on the school, gre, networking,interview tips, ect. Other programs join so you meet a ton of people. Basically it’s a casual interview setting for a few days for the professors to get to know you. Pretty sure the application goes out in January. If you have questions I’m happy to answer questions
  7. For those already accepted make sure to join the facebook group: Campbell university pa Class of 2021!
  8. Pretty sure Campbell scholarships go out in March and are due by end of May ( at least thats how it was this spring). There are different kinds of Campbell scholarships so you just have to make sure you are eligible for/ have essays written for. There are many other kinds of scholarships out there as well- not sure due dates, ect (a simple google search I'm sure). There are also forgivable loans as well- also another google search. At accepted students day they might go over scholarships, ect, but definitely worth asking. There are accepted students days November 10th, and March and May I believe.
  9. Pretty sure it’s ~54 seats total. 6 are dual students and the rest will be from the interviews this year. Last year they interviewed up until December. October is 3rd round of interviews. Wanna say there about 32 in each interview
  10. https://www.facebook.com/groups/497317824075792/requests/ Here again is the link for the facebook group. Congrats to those who have heard!
  11. Everyone is gonna be nervous! Take a deep breath! I went over typical questions (an easy google),reviewed my essays and resume. They try and make you as comfortable as possible. Good luck
  12. I’d imagine they’re going to see what the hurricane does. They’re letting us know about classes for the rest of the week tomorrow
  13. I wanna say people heard waitlist or a no via email last year. But I do know they deliberate post interviews so maybe talked about small amount, and with the long weekend they will today... honestly not real sure. sorry, idk if thats actually that helpful
  14. I am a dual student- so right now I am in public health classes until mid July with 5 other dual students. we will start with y'all in the fall! But I don't think we will get immunization info til later this fall when other people find out @sweetcaroline I would imagine so since so many people have found out already-- but I haven't heard. Last year they didn't tell us until a few days after our interview.
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