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  1. For those who didn’t get in, I highly suggest the HPREP program. You spend a few days on campus, meet professors, get a ton of info on the school, gre, networking,interview tips, ect. Other programs join so you meet a ton of people. Basically it’s a casual interview setting for a few days for the professors to get to know you. Pretty sure the application goes out in January. If you have questions I’m happy to answer questions
  2. For those already accepted make sure to join the facebook group: Campbell university pa Class of 2021!
  3. Pretty sure Campbell scholarships go out in March and are due by end of May ( at least thats how it was this spring). There are different kinds of Campbell scholarships so you just have to make sure you are eligible for/ have essays written for. There are many other kinds of scholarships out there as well- not sure due dates, ect (a simple google search I'm sure). There are also forgivable loans as well- also another google search. At accepted students day they might go over scholarships, ect, but definitely worth asking. There are accepted students days November 10th, and March and May I believe.
  4. Pretty sure it’s ~54 seats total. 6 are dual students and the rest will be from the interviews this year. Last year they interviewed up until December. October is 3rd round of interviews. Wanna say there about 32 in each interview
  5. https://www.facebook.com/groups/497317824075792/requests/ Here again is the link for the facebook group. Congrats to those who have heard!
  6. Everyone is gonna be nervous! Take a deep breath! I went over typical questions (an easy google),reviewed my essays and resume. They try and make you as comfortable as possible. Good luck
  7. I’d imagine they’re going to see what the hurricane does. They’re letting us know about classes for the rest of the week tomorrow
  8. I wanna say people heard waitlist or a no via email last year. But I do know they deliberate post interviews so maybe talked about small amount, and with the long weekend they will today... honestly not real sure. sorry, idk if thats actually that helpful
  9. I am a dual student- so right now I am in public health classes until mid July with 5 other dual students. we will start with y'all in the fall! But I don't think we will get immunization info til later this fall when other people find out @sweetcaroline I would imagine so since so many people have found out already-- but I haven't heard. Last year they didn't tell us until a few days after our interview.
  10. Congrats!! We started a group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/497317824075792/?fb_dtsg_ag=AdwcdMRvOvi75M7OvBDE7tgHSsRJfV6WmCvrwYhPU3iWWg%3AAdxd4kqFRfi7bybGehXTb73l3LRAdqEWLLCEyXGO7Z0vLg... if the link doesnt work just search Campbell University PA class of 2021. if you're a dual student I'd still join this group until a public health page is made
  11. @dreuther5 for the dual degree you will talk to a pa professor and a public health professor during the “one on one”
  12. There were interviews up until december of last year! There are 6 of us who are dual public health/PA students and all of our interviews ranged from august to december. good luck to everyone this week! if you have any questions, I'll try to answer them the best i can
  13. y'all will definitely still be considered for other interview dates. Pretty sure last year they interviewed each month until December or January
  14. @clthetfo last year the first interview day was end of August. We were informed of that day late july/ early august-- i can't remember the exact date. ~ 3 weeks to prepare
  15. I think the CASPer test is new this year- I don't think we had to take it last year, but the first round of interviews weren't until end of August. Pretty sure we were notified end of July/beginning of August. I don't know if the CASPer will affect the timing of interviews this year though. I start the dual program this fall, so if you have any questions, I am happy to help when I can. We'll start the PA program together!

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