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  1. I have a prior MS in Exercise Physiology (research emphasis) and then completed a dual degree PA program getting a MS in Management w/ the School of Business before starting the MMS for PA. The extra degrees will certainly be resume builders, but how much should I expect to use them for negotiating starting salaries? Should I expect a higher starting offer due to them or is that naive? Starting to have discussions with some practices and was hoping to get some ideas on the value those provide before it moves towards contract talks. I don't want to sell myself short, but don't want to come off as pompous and overvalue myself either! I would be interested in either Ortho/Sports Med or Cardiology Looking in NC. Currently in Winston-Salem, NC at Wake Forest University Appreciate the insight anyone can provide!
  2. Is there a facebook page for emerging leaders? I got added to the one for the MA in management but it'd be nice to have one that's just the individuals in EL
  3. Do we need to call to find out where we are ranked? I thought we were supposed to get an email about that, but haven't yet
  4. I got a rejection email like an hour later lol. Duke would have had to have been pretty damn impressive for me to give up my seat at Emory anyway, now at least I don't have to be forced to decide! I'm actually quite happy now that I know for sure where I'm going
  5. If I haven't heard anything by now, it's probably just a matter of when they send the rejection email, right? I submitted Aug 14th
  6. - Undergraduate degree in exercise physiology. GPA was a 3.6 and science was 3.4 I think. Significant upward trend (I didn't start well lol) - Graduate school GPA is a 3.85 so far, getting masters in the same field - GRE: V - 156 Q - 362 AW - 4.0 - Medical experience is a result of being a medic in the Air national guard, about 2200 hours. Pretty varied in type as I've worked in the ER, all the inpatient wards and ICU, as well as a bunch of different outpatient clinics, plus a deployed clinic in Kuwait - Community experience is pretty poor, but maybe they count military as a a form of community service - For the masters program I'm in I have a graduate position that includes teaching, working as a personal trainer, and conducting exercise stress tests. Decent amount of research as well with a couple publications already and hopefully a couple more as I wrap up my thesis - Uhhh not sure what else people put in stats. I've only received two interviews besides NAU so far (Emory which offered a spot, and Nova southestern which I declined), but I didn't submit CASPA till Aug. 3 and my supplemental applications till right before all the deadlines. Still waiting to hear back from three programs. - Hope this helps, best of luck to everyone!
  7. A few days after the fact ... but I was accepted!!! Good luck to anyone interviewing in the next week and a half, as well as anyone on the wait-list
  8. I am nervous lol. Where are you coming from? I'm flying in from Ohio.
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