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  1. Their site is down because it is not a program you can apply to this cycle. They were not granted accreditation, nor have they updated any of us on this matter. CASPA doesn’t have them listed either.
  2. @corpsmanvan242 I’m sorry to hear. I’ve had my fair share as well. There’s no giving up though! We got this! However, thank you for the update; I tend to overlook my junk mail. Do you mind sharing what the email said?
  3. Nothing yet. I spoke with Jennifer last week about my reimbursement and she couldn’t say much about the accreditation issue itself. She said they were going to have a meeting then email all of us with information. I emailed again yesterday but nothing. I think it’s safe to say that they weren’t granted accreditation and may have to reschedule another visit later in the year or next March. Not sure if this is related to any lawsuits they’ve had in the past or if it’s an issue of its own. I wish they’d provide us with more information though for piece of mind.
  4. I'm glad I saw your post. Their email went to my "junk". It's a shame. But, what can you do? I am glad they are willing to reimburse us. I wonder if this means we will still be considered for their next round if/when that happens.
  5. I never took Bio2 so my pre-reqs were marked as “incomplete”. The substitute form was for this “outstanding” bio2 course and was substituted with my upper level course, Molecular Bio 2. None of my classes have expired.
  6. No worries. Best of luck. PM me if you have any other questions
  7. @darrentharris I received an email a few months back stating that my bio 2 pre-req was not fulfilled so I emailed them back. They sent me a substitution form that I had to fax/email back. I would recommend emailing or calling them if you need a form. In my case, they reached out to me so not sure if it’s solely bc my bio 2 flagged it on their end or not.
  8. I never took biology 2 but had it waived by filling out a substitution form so that molecular biology 2 will be accepted in lieu of the gen bio. However, all courses must be within the date range they’ve posted on their site.
  9. When I click on the link they provided me with today it says status “submitted” with a collection of $75 marked “paid”. I didn’t see anything regarding a photo at the time of my submission, nor have I ever submitted one. However, I do see the field under the HTML view but I don't recall it ever requesting for one a few months back. I don't believe it is dire, but I will also ask about it when they reply back to my original email.
  10. @mave6 I did. I’ve emailed them regarding this to see if this was an error since I’ve submitted everything back in January. Waiting for their response. Will let you know what they say.
  11. I received an interview as well! I will be flying in on the 16th from Florida. If anyone else will be in town that weekend I am down to meet up before the meet and greet
  12. Hey guys, thought I'd let you all know that I have just received an email from Meharry with a link to their supplemental app which is due no later than 4/15.
  13. Congrats to all of those who have been accepted! Out of curiosity, does anyone know if there are more interviews scheduled in the upcoming months?
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