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  1. There were 2 interview Sessions: both as 2 interviewers with 1 applicant, and a third session with the program director. We r not allowed to reveal questions, but I can tell you faculty is super nice and I loved the campus too. Just be yourself and show genuinely why you want to be PA. I did a mock interview with The PA platform, that was super helpful and not to forget Savannah Perry’s interview guide.
  2. I just got the call of acceptance from Mount Union from today’s interview. Happy is a small word for me Wishing good luck to all those talented ppl I met today. May God succeed u all.
  3. Can anyone from October 4th interviews tell about the number and pattern of interviews? What to expect ? What kind of questions asked ? I will be interviewing on 8th October
  4. Just got an interview invite from mount union today. I’m so excited
  5. From ur previous experience, do u have any idea if the supplemental application is not asked early after ur CASPA is verified; are there still chances to be selected for submitting ur supplemental and interview later ?
  6. I just received my rejection letter from Ohio University. They didn’t provide any specific reason for rejection. Good luck to everyone who is still waiting to hear from this program.
  7. Hi everyone, those who didn’t hear after submitting supplemental applications; I checked with Danielle and he mentioned updates will be sent from the program by September 30th. So hopefully we will know our status by then
  8. Thanks a lot for explaining the interview process. I heard this year CWRU is increasing the cohort size. Do u have any info on that ?
  9. Thanks for replying. I submitted mine on 10th aug.
  10. Congratulations, can u kindly tell when u submitted ur supplemental application?
  11. I have no idea. I need an answer for that too.
  12. Do u remember what date u submitted it supplemental?
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